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The following territories are subject to territorial disputes between countries. We need two countries for each answer.

Which two countries dispute...

  1. Crimea
  2. Mont Blanc summit dispute
  3. South Georgia Island
  4. The Shatt al-Arab waterway

  5. Jammu and Kashmir
  6. Karelia (historical dispute)
  7. Scarborough Shoal
  8. French Guiana west of the Marouini River
  9. Kuril Islands
  10. Golan Heights

Countries Answers

  1. Ukraine and Russia
  2. France and Italy
  3. United Kingdom and Agrnetina
  4. Iran and Iraq
  5. India and Pakistan
  6. Russia and Finland
  7. China and Philippines
  8. France and Suriname

  9. Russia and Japan
  10. Israel and Syria

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