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Donald Trump Quiz and Trivia


  1. What is Donald Trump's middle name?
  2. In which country was Mr Trump's first wife, Ivana, born and brought up?

  3. What was the first name of Donald Trump's millionaire father?
  4. Complete the title of Trump's 1987 book: "Trump: The Art of the... "?
  5. How many children does Donald Trump have?
  6. Can you name his second wife?
  7. Mr. Trump's mother Mary Anne was born on which Scottish island?
  8. Which estate in Florida has Trump often visited since being elected president, referring to it as the Winter White House?
  9. Donald Trump has an economics degree from which university?
  10. Who became the new host of television's The New Celebrity Apprentice after Trump's departure?
  11. What is the Twitter username or handle that Donald Trump now uses as President of the United States?
  12. What nickname did Trump give to Kim Jong-un?
  13. Donald Trump is what number President of the United States?
  14. Which TV personality did Donald Trump say he could beat in a 2020 White House race?
  15. Who wrote the controversial 2018 book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House?
  16. What was the first country to be visited by President Trump (after he became President)?
  17. In which New York neighbourhood was Donald Trump born and brought up?
  18. An episode of which sitcom, first aired on March 2009, mentions that Donald Trump becomes president of the United States?
  19. What's the name of the 58-storey skyscraper on Fifth Avenue that serves as the headquarters for The Trump Organization?
  20. What was Donald Trump's official 2016 campaign slogan?
  21. What's the name of Donald Trump's youngest daughter?


  1. John
  2. Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic)
  3. Fred
  4. Deal
  5. 5 (Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron)
  6. Marla Maples
  7. Lewis (also accept Lewis and Harris)
  8. Mar-a-Lago
  9. University of Pennsylvania.
  10. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  11. POTUS or @POTUS
  12. Little Rocket Man or Rocket Man
  13. 45th
  14. Oprah Winfrey
  15. Michael Wolff
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Queens
  18. The Simpsons (in an episode called "Bart to the Future")
  19. Trump Tower
  20. Make America Great Again
  21. Tiffany

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