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Dragons' Den


  1. Name the presenter of Dragons' Den?
  2. Who is the only remaining original Dragon?
  3. The first episode of Dragons' Den was broadcast on BBC Two in January of which year?

  4. Which Dragon is the founder of Crafter's Companion?
  5. The opening sequence of the series was shot in the Ancoats area of which city?
  6. There have always been five dragons, with the exception of an episode in 2012 when which Dragon was ill?
  7. Which Dragon once Tweeted the words "socks, socks, and socks" with the hashtag 'What I Want for Christmas in 4 Words'?
  8. Which Dragon took part in the eleventh series of Strictly Come Dancing?
  9. Which investor once stated that they did not have a bank account until the age of 30?
  10. What was the name of the barbecue sauce that creator Levi Roots got an investment for?
  11. In the introductions to the programme, Jenny Campbell was often called the what Queen?
  12. Who is the youngest dragon to join the den?
  13. Charles Ejogo won an investment for a vending machine selling what?
  14. Former Dragon Tej Lalvani is the CEO of the UK's largest company mainly selling what products?
  15. A 'portable roll' created by Neil and Laura Westwood in 2006 was called the 'Magic' what?
  16. Which Dragon is owner of the fashion brands Hawes & Curtis?
  17. Series 18 marked the temporary absence of Peter Jones as he self isolated due to the COVID. Who returned for 3 episodes to cover his absence?
  18. What name was given to the plastic box for safely enclosing electrical connections which is one of the best investments from the show?
  19. The program format first originated in 2001 in which country, where it is known as 'The Tigers of Money'?
  20. Who did Hilary Devey replace on Dragons Den in 2012?


  1. Evan Davis
  2. Peter Jones
  3. 2005
  4. Sara Davies
  5. Manchester
  6. Hilary Devey
  7. Peter Jones
  8. Debora Meaden
  9. Duncan Bannatyne
  10. Reggae Reggae Sauce
  11. Cashpoint Queen
  12. Steven Bartlett
  13. Umbrellas

  14. Vitamins
  15. Magic Whiteboard
  16. Touker Suleyman
  17. Theo Paphitis
  18. Chocbox
  19. Japan
  20. James Caan