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Easy General Knowledge


  1. J. Edgar Hoover served as the first director of which American intelligence and security service?
  2. Which landmark in Rome is also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre?
  3. What kind of spoon are aristocrats said to be born with?
  4. "Four legs good, two legs bad" is a phrase, which occurs in Chapter III of which George Orwell novel?
  5. What is the nut of the oak tree?
  6. What shape is the cross-section of an Allen Key?
  7. Which city in the U.S.A. was the first to use the wheel clamp to force the payment of outstanding parking tickets?

  8. On a standard computer keyboard, which letter is on the extreme left of the top rows of keys?
  9. Which John Constable painting was originally titled 'Landscape: Noon'?
  10. The budgerigar, commonly nicknamed the budgie, is found in the wild throughout the drier parts of which country?
  11. Can you name the one-eyed giants that first appeared in the mythology of ancient Greece?
  12. Which magnitude scale, developed in 1935, is a scale of numbers used to tell the power of earthquakes?
  13. Which word can mean the width of a ship or a piece of gymnastics apparatus?
  14. Which English king was executed in 1649?
  15. Which country is also called Persia?
  16. A Scottish breed of pony is named after which islands?
  17. Which scientist invented dynamite?
  18. Which radio play caused public panic in 1938 when the audience believed it was a real Martian invasion?
  19. What do males have one X and one Y of, and females two X's?
  20. Which mountain in South Dakota has a massive sculpture of four American presidents carved into it?
  21. What is the name of the mythical winged horse of Greek legend?
  22. If 'A' is alpha, and 'Z' is zulu, what is 'V'?
  23. What is London's famous wax museum commonly known as?
  24. Which type of crop is destroyed by the Colorado beetle?
  25. The shoguns were the military dictators of which country?


  1. FBI (The Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  2. Colosseum
  3. Silver spoon
  4. Animal Farm
  5. Acorn
  6. Hexagonal
  7. Denver (the wheel clamp is also known as the Denver Boot)
  8. Q
  9. The Hay Wain
  10. Australia
  11. Cyclops
  12. Richter scale
  13. Beam
  14. Charles I
  15. Iran

  16. Shetland Islands
  17. Alfred Nobel
  18. The War of the Worlds
  19. Chromosomes
  20. Mount Rushmore
  21. Pegasus
  22. Victor
  23. Madame Tussauds
  24. Potato
  25. Japan