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10 Easy London Quiz Questions


  1. Which London street is known as the home of London's newspaper industry?
  2. What is the well known nickname of London's Underground?
  3. By what name do we better know the Millennium Wheel, which is a huge Ferris wheel on the River Thames?
  4. Which botanic garden in southwest London houses the largest plant collection in the world?

  5. Which monument is at the centre of Trafalgar Square?
  6. The prime meridian passes through the Royal Observatory in which south-east London town?
  7. In which London building has every British King and Queen been crowned since 1066?
  8. Which bridge completed in 1894 is known for its 'see-saw' style opening?
  9. Which skyscraper in London is the tallest building in the United Kingdom?
  10. Which small street is widely known as where the Great Fire of London started in 1666?


  1. Fleet Street
  2. The Tube
  3. The London Eye
  4. Kew Gardens
  5. Nelson's Column
  6. Greenwich
  7. Westminster Abbey
  8. Tower Bridge

  9. The Shard
  10. Pudding Lane

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