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Easy Trivia


  1. How many valves does the heart have?
  2. Name the long mountain range which runs along the western edge of South America?
  3. Which rather large animal's name means river horse?
  4. Which scientific instrument is used to measure air pressure?
  5. In which year did England win the football World Cup?

  6. In which American State is the city of Nashville?
  7. Which country was once ruled by the Ming Dynasty?
  8. In which country was the Queen's husband Prince Phillip born?
  9. Gala, Pink Lady and Red Delicious are varieties of which fruit?
  10. How many Olympic rings are there in the Olympic logo?
  11. Which city is the most populated in Scotland?
  12. Which mountain is the highest in Africa?
  13. How many leaves does a shamrock have?
  14. What shape is a magnet often made into to create a strong magnetic field which allows the magnet to pick up heavy pieces of iron?
  15. Which large royal residence would you find in the English county of Berkshire?
  16. How many edges does a cube have?
  17. What did John Logie Baird invent?
  18. What word can be a planet and also used in thermometers?
  19. Who wrote the book David Copperfield?
  20. Which is the only venomous snake native to the UK?


  1. Four
  2. The Andes
  3. Hippopotamus
  4. Barometer
  5. 1966
  6. Tennessee
  7. China
  8. Greece
  9. Apples
  10. Five

  11. Glasgow
  12. Kilimanjaro
  13. Three
  14. Horseshoe
  15. Windsor Castle
  16. 12
  17. Television
  18. Mercury
  19. Charles Dickens
  20. Adder