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Edinburgh Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz I

  1. What name is given to the succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of the Old Town?

  2. Which famous nickname for Edinburgh which references the smoke emitted by the coal and wood burnt in the city’s buildings?
  3. Name the detective detective in the novels set in and around Edinburgh by the Scottish author Ian Rankin?
  4. Located within Charlotte Square, can you name the official residence of the First Minister of Scotland?
  5. Which Scottish region is Edinburugh in?
  6. What was the name of the oldest independent department store in Scotland, until acquisitioned in 2005 by House of Fraser?
  7. The opening scene of the film Trainspotting shows store detectives chasing the main character Renton along which Edinburgh street?
  8. Which monument in Princes Street Gardens is the world's largest monument to a writer?
  9. Which two Edinburgh football clubs compete in the Edinburgh derby (one of the oldest derby matches in world football)?
  10. A bronze statue of Wojtek stands in the city's Princes Street Gardens; what animal is Wojtek?
  11. Located at the bottom of the Royal Mile, name the official residence of the Queen in Scotland?
  12. What is the the Gaelic form of Edinburgh's name?


  1. The Royal Mile

  2. Auld Reekie
  3. Inspector Rebus
  4. Bute House
  5. Lothian
  6. Jenneres Department Store
  7. Princes Street
  8. The Scott Monument
  9. Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian (commonly known as 'Hearts' and 'Hibs')
  10. A bear (a Syrian brown bear)
  11. Holyrood Palace
  12. Dunedin

Edinburgh Quiz II

  1. Which nickname was given to Edinburgh due to both its intellectual influence in the period of the Scottish Enlightenment and its amazing architecture?
  2. What is the name given to the famous 15th-century siege gun located at Edinburgh Castle?
  3. Name the volcanic plug in the middle of Edinburgh upon which Edinburgh Castle sits?
  4. Which university is named after the Edinburgh born mathematician that popularized the decimal point?
  5. Also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh, name the principal place of worship of the Church of Scotland?
  6. Which historic market place, lying in a hollow, is located directly below Edinburgh Castle?
  7. Name the world's largest arts festival which takes place annually in Scotland's capital every August?
  8. Who was born on 13 November 1850, at 8 Howard Place, Edinburgh, Scotland?
  9. Name the principal railway station in Edinburgh?
  10. The National Monument of Scotland dominates the top of which hill? And this monument is a memorial to Scottish sacrifice in which wars?
  11. The highest point in Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat, is at the centre of which park?
  12. What was first published as three volumes in the Scottish capital between 1768 and 1771?
  13. Which medieval castle, situated 3 miles south-east of the city centre, is best known for its association with Mary, Queen of Scots?
  14. What is the name of the main river flowing through Edinburgh?
  15. Which artificial hill, connecting Edinburgh's New Town and Old Town, is the address of the Scottish National Gallery?


  1. The Athens of the North

  2. Mons Meg
  3. Castle Rock
  4. Edinburgh Napier University (named after John Napier, best known as the inventor of logarithms)
  5. St Giles' Cathedral
  6. The Grassmarket
  7. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, or The Fringe
  8. Robert Louis Stevenson (novelist)
  9. Edinburgh Waverley or Waverley
  10. Calton Hill. The Napoleonic Wars.
  11. Holyrood Park
  12. Encyclopaedia Britannica
  13. Craigmillar Castle
  14. Water of Leith
  15. The Mound
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