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Eggheads Quiz

25 questions from the television quiz Eggheads.

Questions - Eggheads

  1. Which EU capital city is furthest south: Lisbon, Valletta, or Nicosia?
  2. In which decade of the 20th century did the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso die: 1930s, 1950s, or 1970s?
  3. The first wife of Donald Trump, Ivana, was born in which country: East Germany, Soviet Union, or Czechoslovakia?
  4. On an African safari the term 'big five' refers to buffalo, elephants, lions, leopards and which other animal: rhinoceros, hippopotamus, or zebra?
  5. Who played Frank, the father of Lee, in the TV comedy Not going Out: Bobby Ball, Les Dennis, or Eddie Large?

  6. The Catskill Mountains are chiefly located in which US state: California, Ohio, or New York?
  7. 'Somethin' Stupid' was a Christmas hit single for Robbie Williams and which actress: Cameron Diaz, Cher, or Nicole Kidman?
  8. What is the currency of Sierra Leone: the pound, dollar, or leone?
  9. The Mendips is a range of hills in which English county: Somerset, Herefordshire, or Devon?
  10. At which football club did the future Liverpool manager Bill Shankly manage Dennis Law: Sheffield Wednesday, Middlesborough, or Huddersfield Town?
  11. The galata bridge spans the Golden Horn and connects the two parts of which city: Istanbul, Stockholm, or Budapest?
  12. By what name is the medical condition 'pink eye' also known: gingivitis, conjuctivitis, or tinnitus?
  13. Around 1298 who dictated his life story to a man called Rusted Cello while they were both imprisoned in Genoa: Giuseppe Garibaldi, Christopher Columbus, or Marco Polo?
  14. In which racquet sport can someone play a shot called a boast: tennis, squash, or badminton?
  15. Which herb is used to flavour a BĂ©arnaise sauce: tarragon, rosemary, or basil?
  16. 'Some Enchanted Evening' is a song from which musical: The Sound of Music, Carousel, or South Pacific?
  17. Which of these comedians was a co-founder of the charity Comic Relief: Adrian Edmonson, Lenny Henry, or Stephen Fry?
  18. Which state in the Persian Gulf whose government has historically been dominated by members of the Al Thani family gained independence from Britain in 1971: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or Iran?
  19. Which condiment is made from a plant in the cabbage family: vinegar, black pepper, or mustard?
  20. What is the capital of Myanmar: Naypyidaw, Vientiane, or Yangon?
  21. Which of these jobs did Charles de Gaulle do before becoming president of France: farmer, professor, or general?
  22. John of Gaunt who died in 1399 was a memeber of which royal house: Tudor, Plantagenent, or Stuart?
  23. The 2018 action film 'The Commuter' starring Liam Neeson takes place mainly on which mode of transport: bicycle, train, or taxi?
  24. What killed the Russian Emperror Alexander II: gun, bomb, or noose?
  25. In the 1961 film the Guns of Navarone, the guns in the title are located on an island in which sea: South China Sea, Agean Sea, or Black Sea?

Answers - Eggheads

  1. Nicosia
  2. 1970s
  3. Czechoslovakia
  4. Rhinoceros
  5. Bobby Ball
  6. New York
  7. Nicole Kidman
  8. Leone
  9. Somerset
  10. Huddersfield Town
  11. Istanbul
  12. Conjuctivitis
  13. Marco Polo
  14. Squash
  15. Tarragon
  16. South Pacific
  17. Lenny Henry
  18. Qatar
  19. Mustard
  20. Naypyidaw
  21. General
  22. Plantagenent
  23. Train
  24. Bomb
  25. Agean Sea