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Elections Quiz

Think You Know UK General Elections? Let's Find Out!

  1. In which year did Margaret Thatcher become the UK's first female Prime Minister?
  2. The 1708 British general election saw which party gain a majority in the House of Commons?
  3. Name the independent body which oversees elections in the UK?
  4. In which month was the 2019 general election held?
  5. Tony Blair was a Member of Parliament for which constituency in County Durham?
  6. Which leader of the Liberal Democrats lost her seat in the 2019 general election?

  7. The Sun newspaper put the portrait of which leader in a light-bulb in 1992?
  8. Which year saw the first hung parliament since 1974?
  9. Which electoral system is used in UK general elections?
  10. Sir Winston Churchill lost the 1945 general election to which Labour Party leader?
  11. When was the last time two general elections were held in the same year?
  12. The general election of 1929 saw which Labour leader win a second term as Prime Minister?
  13. Who led the Conservative Party to a landslide victory in 1955?
  14. In the early 1980s Labour leader Michael Foot was often lambasted in the press for wearing what sort of coat?
  15. Who served as the Labour Party's first parliamentary leader from 1906 to 1908?
  16. Which party's 2019 general election slogan was: "Stop Brexit. Build a Brighter Future"?
  17. Which year saw the UK's first general election in which all women over the age of 21 were allowed to vote on equal terms with men?
  18. Which English musician was the founder of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party?
  19. Who lost his Enfield Southgate seat in the 1997 general election to Labour's Stephen Twigg?
  20. Who once said: "I was Margaret Thatcher in the school election during the 1983 General Election"?
  21. During the 2015 campaign, Ed Miliband was ridiculed for an awkward encounter with which sort of food?
  22. Who said in 2005: "I have covered nine general elections and it's time for someone else to handle the swingometer"?
  23. Which two words did Gordon Brown unfortunately use to describe a female voter in a microphone gaffe during his 2010 campaign?
  24. Which party became the third-largest in the House of Commons after the 2015 general election?
  25. Which Labour leader did Harold Macmillan defeat in the 1959 general election?
  26. What car model entered popular culture in the 1990s when Tony Blair used it in a phrase to describe an affluent generation of car and home owners?


  1. 1979
  2. Whigs
  3. The Electoral Commission
  4. December (2019)
  5. Sedgefield
  6. Jo Swinson
  7. Neil Kinnock
  8. 2010
  9. First-past-the-post electoral system
  10. Clement Attlee
  11. 1974
  12. Ramsay MacDonald
  13. Anthony Eden
  14. Donkey jacket
  15. Keir Hardie
  16. Liberal Democrats
  17. 1929
  18. Screaming Lord Sutch
  19. Michael Portillo
  20. Liz Truss
  21. Bacon sandwich
  22. Peter Snow
  23. Bigoted woman
  24. SNP (the Scottish National Party)
  25. Hugh Gaitskell
  26. Ford Mondeo as in "Mondeo Man"