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  1. When Paddy first comes to Emmerdale as a locum for Zoe Tate, who does he begin a relationship with?
  2. Kathy, played by Malandra Burrows, has had five last names in total, including Brookman, Bates, and Tate. Which two names are missing?
  3. Which actress played Alan Turner's daughter "Steph"?
  4. The soap's title was changed to Emmerdale from Emmerdale Farm in which year?

  5. Played by Patrick Mower, what was the first name of the estranged father of Bernice Blackstock?
  6. Amos Brearly was a journalist for which local newspaper?
  7. As of 2023, who is the longest-serving character in the history of the soap?
  8. Which fictional Emmerdale character was played by Norman Bowler?
  9. The Field Of Tares was a book written by which character? And in which country was this character living when he wrote the book?
  10. Who was pushed out of a Home Farm window in a 2006 Christmas episode?
  11. Which family arrived from London to run the village stores and post office in 1993?
  12. Which character died after he saved Kim's son James from a fire?
  13. Gamekeeper Seth Armstrong was a regular drinker at which pub before switching to The Woolpack?
  14. Charity first comes to Emmerdale for which cousin's funeral?
  15. Which early 1980's character was famous for sitting at the bar of The Woolpack and never saying a word?
  16. What's the former name of Emmerdale Village before it was renamed in May 1994?
  17. When Zak arrives in the village in 1994 he challenges Ned Glover to a what?
  18. Laurel Thomas first appeared on screen in fancy dress in 2002, dressed as a what?
  19. Who owned a Yorkshire Terrier called Batley followed by Papillon named Tootsie?
  20. The 1993 plane crash saw the death of four major characters. Elizabeth Pollard, Leonard Kempinski and Mark Hughes were three, can you name the fourth?
  21. Why did Biff Fowler return in 2005 in a one-off appearance?
  22. What was the first name of the village's killer finally brought to justice in 2022?
  23. Which actor played Graham Lodsworth, the son of Dolly Skilbeck?
  24. Which real life sportsman opened the newly refurbished Woolpack in 1995?
  25. Can you name the son of Billy Hopwood and Trisha Hopwood?
  26. Name the actress who played Sadie King?
  27. Who ran the Woolpack public house alongside Amos Brearly for nearly 20 years?
  28. Actress Emily Symons moved to the UK and was cast as Louise Appleton in Emmerdale after starring for 10 years in which soap?
  29. Seth Armstrong died from a heart attack returning from which country?
  30. Natalie J. Robb who starred as Trish McDonald in the Scottish soap Take the High Road, plays which character in Emmerdale?
  31. Terry Woods formerly played which sport?
  32. How many children did Annie Sugden have?


  1. Mandy Dingle (played by Lisa Riley)
  2. Merrick and Glover
  3. Lorraine Chase
  4. 1989
  5. Rodney (Rodney Blackstock)
  6. The Hotten Courier
  7. Eric Pollard
  8. Frank Tate
  9. Jack Sugden. Italy. (the book was published in 1974)
  10. Tom King
  11. The Windsors (Vic Windsor, Viv Windsor, and their 3 children)
  12. Dave Glover
  13. The Malt Shovel
  14. Butch Dingle's
  15. Walter
  16. Beckindale
  17. A bare-knuckle fight
  18. A bumblebee, or bee
  19. Edn (Edna Birch)
  20. Archie Brooks
  21. For Seth Armstrong's funeral
  22. Meena (Meena Jutla)
  23. Ross Kemp
  24. Ian Botham (cricketer)
  25. Andy Sugden
  26. Patsy Kensit
  27. Mr Wilks, or Henry Wilks
  28. Home and Away
  29. Australia
  30. Moira Dingle (also Barton)
  31. Rugby League
  32. Three (Jack, Joe, and Peggy)