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Welcome to our Quiz About the English Channel

Channel Questions

  1. What is the name of the strait at the narrowest part of the Channel?
  2. In the UK Shipping Forecast the English Channel is divided into four areas, Dover, Wight and Plymouth are three, can you name the fourth?
  3. In which year was the Channel Tunnel formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II and President Mitterrand?
  4. Which famous lighthouse is 14 miles off Plymouth?
  5. In 1909 which aviator made the first ever Channel aeroplane crossing from Calais to Dover?

  6. Can you name the second longest river of France? It empties into the English Channel near Le Havre.
  7. In March 2004, who set a record for the fastest crossing of the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle by travelling from Dover to Calais?
  8. Can you name the first person to swim the Channel in 1875?
  9. What name is given to the historical confederation of English Channel ports in southeastern England, formed to furnish ships and men for the king’s service?
  10. Which oil tanker ran aground off the western coast of Cornwall on 18 March 1967, causing an environmental disaster?
  11. What do the French call the English Channel?
  12. Which of the Channel Islands has a population of about 500 and an area of just over 2 square miles?
  13. Which small peninsula crossing the mouth of Poole Harbour on the English Channel coast is known for its high property prices?
  14. To the nearest mile, what is the shortest distance across the Channel?
  15. On 28 May 1588, the Armada set sail from which European city's port headed for the English Channel?
  16. What was the codename for the operation to evacuate thousands of Allied troops from Dunkirk in 1940?
  17. The deepest point in the Channel is an underwater valley called Hurd's Deep. Is its maximum depth 180 metres, 880 metres, or 1,880 metres?
  18. What name was given to the projected cross-Channel invasion of England by Germany in World War II?
  19. On 4 July 2006 which television personality swam the English Channel for Sport Relief?
  20. P&O originally established ferry services in the UK in the late 1960s in the English Channel - what do the letters 'P' and 'O' stand for?
  21. In which language is the English Channel known as Mor Bretannek? (Hint: it is a regional and minority language)


  1. The Strait of Dover
  2. Portland
  3. 1994 (May)
  4. Eddystone Lighthouse
  5. Louis Bleriot
  6. Seine
  7. Richard Branson
  8. Captain Matthew Webb
  9. Cinque Ports
  10. Torrey Canyon
  11. La Manche ("the Sleeve")
  12. Sark
  13. Sandbanks
  14. 21 miles
  15. Lisbon (Portugal)
  16. Operation Dynamo
  17. 180 metres

  18. Operation Sealion
  19. David Walliams
  20. Peninsular and Oriental (formerly the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company)
  21. Cornish (Written Form: Kernewek)