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Quiz About the Geography of England


  1. Can you name the highest mountain in England?
  2. Which county is sometimes known as "God's Own County"?
  3. Which river runs through Cambridge?
  4. Which peninsula is bounded by the River Dee to the west, the River Mersey to the east, and the Irish Sea to the north?
  5. The Peak District is an upland area mostly in the northern part of which county?

  6. The Forest of Bowland is mostly in the north-east of which county?
  7. Which is the only English county to have two separate coastlines?
  8. Which peninsula crossing the mouth of Poole Harbour in Dorset is known for its high property prices and its award-winning beach?
  9. The Wrekin is a hill in which county?
  10. Which river has often been described as the boundary between the Midlands and the north of England?
  11. Name England's largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?
  12. Which large ancient earthwork roughly follows the border between England and Wales?
  13. Which World Heritage Site stretches 96-miles on the English Channel coast, from Exmouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset?
  14. What are often dubbed "the backbone of England"?
  15. Which town is England's most easterly settlement?
  16. Cheddar Gorge is a limestone gorge in which group of hills?
  17. Name the largest natural lake in England?
  18. Which mountain range runs along the English-Scottish border?
  19. Which river forms most of the border between Devon and Cornwall?
  20. Which rectangular bay and estuary lies to the north-west corner of East Anglia, where Norfolk meets Lincolnshire?
  21. Which headland on the coast of Kent is formed largely of a shingle beach?
  22. The cathedral city of Hereford lies on which river?


  1. Scafell Pike (in the Lake District)
  2. Yorkshire
  3. River Cam
  4. The Wirral
  5. Derbyshire
  6. Lancashire
  7. Devon
  8. Sandbanks
  9. Shropshire
  10. River Trent
  11. Cotswolds
  12. Offa's Dyke
  13. Jurassic Coast
  14. The Pennines
  15. Lowestoft

  16. Mendip Hills
  17. Windermere
  18. The Cheviots
  19. Tamar
  20. The Wash
  21. Dungeness
  22. River Wye