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Entertainment I

  1. Nollywood, recognised as the second largest film producer in the world, is the film industry of which country?
  2. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded which company in 1997?
  3. The Finnish video game developer Rovio Entertainment is best known for developing which game? (Hint: it features green-coloured pigs.)
  4. Which apt song (by a new wave band formed in London in 1977), was chosen to launch the MTV music channel in 1981?
  5. Name the only musician in music history to have released nine albums that achieved diamond status in the United States?

  6. Can you name the first author to become a billionaire by writing books?
  7. What do Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde all pursue?
  8. The Hugo Award is an award given each year for the best work in which genre of entertainment?
  9. A bronze statue of which comedian was unveiled by Sir Anthony Hopkins in the Welsh town of Caerphilly in 2008?
  10. In which year did Disneyland Paris open?
  11. Who released the third episode of her Spotify podcast series Archetypes in September 2022?
  12. What's the title of the piece of music which is considered the most famous from the ballet, The Nutcracker?
  13. Walt Disney's Frozen was inspired by which Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale?
  14. Listen with Mother, a BBC radio programme for children which ran between 1950 to 1982, always opened with which question?
  15. What was the first name of the American singer and actress who was auntie to actor George Clooney?
  16. Which British comedy-drama TV series was created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, based on her one-woman show first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013?
  17. "My old man said follow the van"... what is the next line?
  18. Which brand name came from the Japanese word meaning "to hit a target" and has a logo design known as "Fuji" for its resemblance to the Japanese mountain?
  19. In the United Kingdom, Jongleurs is a chain of what?
  20. Which word used as the name of fool characters in both Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale and Othello would you also associate with Joseph Grimaldi?
  21. Since 2022, the The Super Bowl has been on the second Sunday of which month?
  22. Penny Marshall became the first woman to direct a film which grossed more than 100 million dollars at the U.S. box office after directing which 1988 film?
  23. Who first achieved TV recognition in the recurring role of Father Noel Furlong in Channel 4's Father Ted and in 1996 co-hosted the late-night ITV quiz show Carnal Knowledge?
  24. Who was the first Beatle to have a Number 1 hit single following the group's breakup?
  25. Who was the guest conductor when Carnegie Hall opened in 1891 in New York City?


  1. Nigeria
  2. Netflix
  3. Angry Birds
  4. Video Killed the Radio Star (by The Buggles)
  5. Garth Brooks
  6. J.K Rowling
  7. Pac-man
  8. Science fiction
  9. Tommy Cooper
  10. 1992
  11. Meghan Markle
  12. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
  13. The Snow Queen
  14. Are you sitting comfortably? (Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin)
  15. Rosemary (Rosemary Clooney)
  16. Fleabag
  17. And don't dilly-dally on the way
  18. Atari
  19. Comedy Club
  20. Clown
  21. February
  22. Big (starring Tom Hanks)
  23. Graham Norton
  24. George Harrison (with "My Sweet Lord")
  25. Tchaikovsky (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)

Entertainment II

  1. Which Elvis song topped the chart in June 2002 when it became a hit after featuring in a Nike TV advert?
  2. Which foreign feature film was the first to be granted permission by the Chinese government to be filmed in the Forbidden City?
  3. His panto career began at the Darlington Hippodrome in the late-1970s. Who in 2017, received the Lifetime Achievement award at The Great British Pantomime Awards?
  4. The Compact Cassette, commonly known as tape cassette, was developed in 1963 by which Dutch electronics firm?
  5. Which road in New York City is known widely as the heart of the American theatre industry?
  6. Released in November 1975, can you name the fourth studio album by rock band Queen?
  7. The final printed edition of which children's comic was issued on 4 December 2012, the comic's 75th anniversary?
  8. Star Wars made it's screen debut in which year?
  9. The song Big Spender appears in which musical, first performed in 1966?
  10. During her audition on "Britain’s Got Talent", Susan Boyle stated that she hoped to have a career like which singer?
  11. Broadcast since 1951, what has been promoted as "a contemporary drama in a rural setting"?
  12. Which entertainer claimed he could accurately imitate over 600 birds, as well as many other animals?
  13. What was the nickname of Louis Armstrong?
  14. Which genre of variety entertainment popular in North America from the 1880s until the 1930s was comparable to music hall from Victorian Britain?
  15. Can you name the first ever feature-length animated film, released by Disney Studios in 1937?
  16. Which two rival 1990s British bands released their singles "Country House" and "Roll with It" on the same day in 1995?
  17. In 1985 Live Aid was held simultaneously in London and which American city?
  18. Which American entertainment show ran on CBS every Sunday night from 1948 until its cancellation in 1971?
  19. What name is given to the card game that is the "British domestic version of Twenty-One"?
  20. Who performed in a Union Jack stab vest designed by Banksy at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival?
  21. Storytelling is an ancient form of entertainment, a collection of twenty-four stories were written in Middle English by which author between 1387 and 1400?
  22. Which two musicians, a bass guitarist and a drummer, left the Beatles before the band achieved worldwide fame?
  23. What were invented in ancient Hawaii, where in the Hawaiian language they were known as papa he'e nalu?
  24. What was the name of Michael Jackson's pet monkey?
  25. As of 2022, which country holds the record for the most Eurovision Song Contest victories, with seven wins in total?
  26. What is the name of the cartoon that is considered the debut of Mickey Mouse?
  27. British magician Steven Frayne is better known by what stage name?
  28. The translation of the word 'karaoke' means empty what in English?
  29. Which city is is considered the belly dancing capital of the Middle East?
  30. Which circus family's touring business originated with performing animals at the Thames Frost Fair of 1684?
  31. The nonsense poem "Jabberwocky" is included in which 1871 novel?


  1. A Little Less Conversation
  2. The Last Emperor (1987)
  3. Christopher Biggins
  4. Philips
  5. Broadway
  6. A Night at the Opera
  7. The Dandy
  8. 1977
  9. Sweet Charity
  10. Elaine Paige
  11. The Archers
  12. Percy Edwards
  13. Satchmo
  14. Vaudeville
  15. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  16. Blur and Oasis
  17. Philadelphia
  18. The Ed Sullivan Show
  19. Pontoon
  20. Stormzy
  21. Geoffrey Chaucer (The Canterbury Tales)
  22. Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe
  23. Surfboards
  24. Bubbles
  25. Ireland
  26. Steamboat Willie
  27. Dynamo
  28. Orchestra (karaoke means empty orchestra)
  29. Cairo (in Egypt)
  30. Chipperfield (Chipperfield's Circus)
  31. Through the Looking-Glass (by Lewis Carroll)