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English Premier League Quiz

25 Football Questions About the EPL

  1. In which year did the Premier League begin?
  2. Which two strikers scored 20 goals or more in the first ever Premier League season?
  3. What was most remarkable about the 2010 game in which Wigan lost to Chelsea six-nil?
  4. Manchester United beat which team 8-2 in the 2011-12 season?
  5. Which manager came bottom of the first ever Premier League?
  6. Which goalkeeper made history in May 2015 by becoming the first player to play under 17 different managers?

  7. Who scored 175 goals in the EPL with a very impressive 0.68 goals per match?
  8. Norwich came third in the very first Premier League season; was their goal difference: (a) plus four, (b) zero, or (c) minus four?
  9. Who made a record 653 Premier League appearances between May 1998 and February 2018?
  10. Which newly promoted team to the 2014-15 Premiership had won the old English league title 4 times?
  11. Which club is the only one in EPL history to select 11 starting English players?
  12. Name the only player born before 1960 to have scored a Premier League hat-trick?
  13. Which goalkeeper went a record 14 consecutive matches without conceding a goal?
  14. Who wrote herself into Premier League folklore with an incredible pitch side rant in 2005?
  15. Name the only Middlesbrough player to win the Premier League Player of the Season?
  16. Mo Salah holds the record for most goals in a 38 game season with how many goals in 2017-18?
  17. At which football ground did Eric Cantona kick fan Matthew Simmons in 1995?
  18. Which player became Arsenal's club captain after Tony Adams' retirement in May 2002?
  19. Which player has scored the highest number of goals from outside the box?
  20. Which club had the smallest ever capacity Premier League stadium?
  21. What number shirt did Matthew Le Tissier wear throughout his Premiership career?
  22. Name the player Liverpool bought in June 1995 for £8.5 million?
  23. 'So good that they named him twice' is a line immortalised in a terrace chant; name the club and the player the fans were referring to?
  24. Of the 22 inaugural members of the very first Premier League which of the 22 teams came last alphabetically?
  25. In the 2015–16 Premier League season, Jamie Vardy scored in eleven consecutive Premier League matches, breaking Ruud van Nistelrooy's record. Which club did Leicester City sign Vardy from in May 2012?


  1. 1992
  2. Teddy Sheringham (Spurs - 22 goals) and Les Ferdinand (QPR - 20 goals)
  3. There were no corners
  4. Arsenal
  5. Brian Clough
  6. Shay Given
  7. Thierry Henry
  8. (c) minus four
  9. Gareth Barry
  10. Burnley
  11. Aston Villa (February 27, 1999)
  12. Gordon Strachan
  13. Edwin van der Sar (for Manchester United, 2008–09)
  14. Delia Smith
  15. Juhnino (1996–97)
  16. 32 goals
  17. Selhurst Park (Crystal Palace)
  18. Patrick Viera
  19. Frank Lampard (41)
  20. AFC Bournemouth
  21. Number 7
  22. Stan Collymore
  23. Bolton Wanderers and Jay-Jay Okocha
  24. Wimbledon
  25. Fleetwood Town