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  1. Name the two counties that border Essex to the North?
  2. Where in Essex did Billy Butlin open his second holiday camp in 1938 following the success of his first in Skegness?

  3. Name the county town of Essex?
  4. Which poet is quoted as saying "the Pier is Southend, Southend is the Pier"?
  5. Which principal port for London is located on the River Thames in Essex?
  6. Which 55-mile motorway links Greater London, Essex, and Cambridgeshire?
  7. Which two new Essex towns were designated to help alleviate the housing shortages following the Second World War?
  8. When you enter Chelmsford, the welcome signs says : ‘Welcome to Chelmsford, the birthplace of ....", what?
  9. The county's coat of arms comprises of three what?
  10. The artwork called A House for Essex was created as a concept by which Essex born Turner Prize-winning artist?
  11. Which international airport is located in the district of Uttlesford in Essex?
  12. In 2003, in preparation for a road-widening scheme, what was excavated at Prittlewell, north of Southend-on-Sea?
  13. Can you name the large out-of-town shopping centre located in West Thurrock?
  14. The Battle of Maldon took place on 11 August 991 beside the River Blackwater in Essex, during the reign of which king?
  15. In major political boundary changes for the 2010 general election, which town became part of a parliamentary constituency with Basildon?
  16. Which island became the fastest growing seaside resort in Britain between 1911 and 1951?
  17. The British reality television series The Only Way Is Essex is based in which Essex town?
  18. Which forest and area of ancient woodland lays just north of Wanstead, straddling the border between Essex and Greater London?
  19. In the 2012 London Olympics, Hadleigh Farm played host to which sort of races?

  20. Which town in Essex claims to be the oldest town in Britain?
  21. Southend Pier featured in the end credits of the which nineties British TV series?
  22. Which former England football manager was born in Hayes but grew up in Harlow?
  23. Can you name the most northernmost coastal town within Essex which offers a regular ferry service to the Hook of Holland?
  24. Which medieval market town 18 miles south of Cambridge is home to Jacobean estate Audley End House and Gardens?
  25. The University of Essex's largest campus is at the eastern edge of which town?


  1. Suffolk and Cambridgeshire
  2. Clacton
  3. Chelmsford
  4. Sir John Betjeman (note: Southend Pier is the longest in the world at 1.34 miles)
  5. Tilbury
  6. M11
  7. Harlow and Basildon
  8. (The birthplace of) Radio
  9. Knives (three Saxon knives that look rather more like scimitars)
  10. Grayson Perry
  11. London Stansted Airport
  12. The Royal Saxon tomb
  13. Lakeside Shopping Centre (branded as Intu Lakeside)

  14. AEthelred the Unready
  15. Billericay
  16. Canvey Island
  17. Brentwood
  18. Epping Forest
  19. Mountain biking
  20. Colchester
  21. Minder
  22. Glenn Hoddle
  23. Harwich
  24. Saffron Walden
  25. Colchester

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