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Europe Quiz Questions I

  1. Helsinki is located 50 miles north of which other European capital city?

  2. Three small European countries. Does Iceland, Malta or Luxembourg have the highest population?
  3. By which acronym is The European Organization for Nuclear Research better known?
  4. The Vistula is the longest river in which country?
  5. Name the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
  6. What name is given to the ethnic group of people that live in the the western Pyrenees region on the border between France and Spain?
  7. In Greek mythology Europa was the mother of which king of Crete?
  8. 'Square of the Victims of Fascism' is one of the central squares in which European capital?
  9. Which city is the seat of the European Court of Justice?
  10. What is the Finnish name for Finland? And how about the Polish name for Poland?
  11. Which partially recognised state and disputed territory in Southeastern Europe declared independence from Serbia in 2008?
  12. Which idea was conceived by Swiss entrepreneur Marcel Bezencon in 1955?
  13. Which river is the longest in Belarus and the Ukraine, and the fourth-longest river in Europe?
  14. Which Germanic peoples formed a large empire dominating much of western and central Europe during the Middle Ages?
  15. Which country is officially known as the Hellenic Republic?
  16. Which city on the Black Sea was the fourth largest city of Imperial Russia, after Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Warsaw, during the 19th century?
  17. Which national hero of Italy played a key role in uniting Italy and was known as 'The Hero of Two Worlds’ after also fighting in Latin America?
  18. At the Strait of Gibraltar's narrowest point, the continents of Europe and Africa are separated by how many miles: (a) 9 miles, (b) 19 miles, or (c) 29 miles?
  19. Name the highest mountain in the Alps?
  20. Name the following European seas from their short descriptions: (a) part of the Mediterranean off the long west coast of Italy, (b) between the mainlands of Greece and Turkey, (c) located off the north coasts of Norway and Russia?


  1. Tallinn (Estonia)
  2. Luxembourg
  3. CERN
  4. Poland
  5. Sardinia (after Sicily and before Cyprus)
  6. The Basques
  7. King Minos
  8. Zagreb
  9. Luxembourg

  10. Suomi. Polska.
  11. Kosovo
  12. The Eurovision Song Contest
  13. Dnieper River
  14. The Franks
  15. Greece
  16. Odessa
  17. Giuseppe Garibaldi
  18. (a)9 miles
  19. Mont Blanc
  20. (a)Tyrrhenian Sea, (b)Aegean Sea, and (c)Barents Sea

Europe Quiz II

  1. What is the largest country entirely in Europe?
  2. True or False. Europe is the world's second-smallest continent by surface area?
  3. How many countries in Europe start with the letter 'M'?
  4. The river Danube passes through four European capital cities, can you name them?
  5. Which is officially the smallest country in Europe?
  6. The Visegrad Group, is an alliance of four Central European states: the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are three, can you name the other member?
  7. What is Perucica in Bosnia: (a) rainforest, (b) waterfall , or (c) medieval city?
  8. True or false. Greenland is in Europe?
  9. Which small but well known European city has a name that means 'church in the dunes'? (Hint: it's the northernmost city in France)
  10. Which country is made up of 26 cantons?
  11. Which city is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, 30 miles from the Serbian border?
  12. What's the second largest city in France?
  13. Name the tallest mountain in Europe?
  14. Which country, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, has the same name as an American State?
  15. In 1755, 275,000 residents died in a massive earthquake in which city?
  16. Which city is the most important financial centre of the European continent?
  17. Name the river that flows through Amsterdam?
  18. Is the population of Hungary closer to 10, 20 or 30 million?
  19. Which European city has more bridges than London, Amsterdam and Venice put together? It has more bridges inside its city limits than any other city in the world.
  20. Which mountain range serves as a natural border between Europe and Asia?


  1. Ukraine
  2. True
  3. Four (Malta, Moldova, Monaco and Montenegro)
  4. Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Belgrade
  5. Vatican City
  6. Slovakia
  7. Rainforest
  8. False. It's in North America.
  9. Dunkirk
  10. Switzerland

  11. Sofia
  12. Marseille
  13. Mount Elbrus
  14. Georgia
  15. Lisbon
  16. Frankfurt
  17. Amstel
  18. 10 million
  19. Hamburg
  20. The Ural Mountains

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