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European Countries


  1. Which European river pass through nine countries?
  2. Which country in Europe is actually the smallest country in the world?
  3. Which country is the most visited in Europe?
  4. Which country has the longest coastline in Europe?

  5. Which European country is one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world?
  6. Formed in 2006, name the newest official European country?
  7. Which European country has four official languages?
  8. Which European country has the most World Heritage Sites?
  9. Which of the Nordic countries has a population of over ten million?
  10. After Russia and Germany, what is the third largest country in Europe by population?
  11. Which country in Europe has most land borders?
  12. Which European country's flag is square?
  13. The Balkan Peninsula is the easternmost of Europe’s three great southern peninsulas. Generally, the Balkans are bordered on the northwest by Italy,
  14. Which country of outstanding natural beauty is sometimes called the 'Land of Fire and Ice'?
  15. Which country is called 'The Land of a Thousand Lakes'?
  16. Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are together known by what 7-letter name?#
  17. Which country is known as the Bread Basket of Europe?
  18. Which country is the Land of Magyars?
  19. Which country is sometimes known as the Sunny Side of the Alps?
  20. Which country is oficially called the Hellenic Republic?
  21. Bosnia and Herzegovina gets its nickname from being slightly what shape?
  22. Which of the Baltic countries is the most northernmost?
  23. Zagreb is the main city in which country?
  24. Which two countries applied for NATO membership in May 2022?
  25. It is only 50 miles from Bratislava to which other capital?


  1. Danube
  2. Vatican City
  3. France
  4. Norway
  5. Liechtenstein
  6. Montenegro
  7. Switzerland
  8. Italy (with 58 sites)
  9. Switzerland
  10. United Kingdom
  11. Germany
  12. Switzerland and/or Vatican City
  13. Heart shape (the "Heart Shaped Land")
  14. Iceland
  15. Finland
  16. Benelux
  17. Ukraine
  18. Hungary
  19. Slovenia
  20. Greece
  21. Vienna
  22. Estonia
  23. Croatia
  24. Finland and Sweden
  25. Vienna