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Euros Quiz

Football Questions: Handy for a UEFA Euro 2024 quiz

  1. How many teams are participating in UEFA Euro 2024?
  2. Which country qualified for its first major tournament in 2016 and knocked out England?
  3. Who won the Golden Boot at the UEFA Euro 2020?
  4. Which country pulled off a big shock by winning the Euro 2004 final?
  5. Tiki-taka, characterised by short passing and movement, is a style of football primarily associated with which national team?
  6. Wayne Rooney’s breakthrough international tournament was the Euro finals of which year?
  7. Which team did Wales beat 3–1 to reach their first ever semi-final of a major tournament in 2016?
  8. Which country knocked England out by beating them with a late penalty in their last group game in Euro 2000?
  9. Paul Gascoigne's iconic Euro 96 'Dentist's Chair' celebration happened after he flicked the ball over which Scottish player's head to score?
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo removed two what from his desk at a Euro 2020 press conference?
  11. In Euro 96 which England player missed a penalty that saw England knocked out by Germany?
  12. Who was Alan Hansen talking about when he said: "His reaction says everything. He’s a leader. If you were battling against him you’d put the white flag up straight away."?
  13. Which country won Euro 92 despite not qualifying?
  14. Which player's goal in the Euro ’88 final was an outrageous volley from an impossibly tight angle?
  15. Whose last minute winner versus Portugal in 1984 put France into the 1984 final?
  16. Which player won two Ballon d'Or awards and was a member of the West Germany national team that won the 1980 European Championship?
  17. Which country became the first ever champions in 1960?
  18. "Three Lions" is a song by comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner and which rock band?
  19. Which country was chosen alongside Poland to co-host the finals of Euro 2012?
  20. After Euro 2000, which country has not qualified for a major tournament in 24 years but remains one of the few countries to have never lost against Brazil, despite playing them four times?
  21. Which player was the youngest member of Terry Venables' squad for Euro 96?
  22. Can you name England's unsuccessful penalty takers in the UEFA Euro 2020 final?
  23. Which German was named the tournament's best Euro 1996 player?
  24. Name the only country to have won consecutive Euro titles?


  1. 24 teams
  2. Iceland
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo
  4. Greece
  5. Spain
  6. 2004
  7. Belgium
  8. Romania
  9. Colin Hendry
  10. Two bottles of Coca-Cola
  11. Gareth Southgate
  12. Stuart Pearce
  13. Denmark (they qualified due to sanctions against Yugoslavia)
  14. Marco Van Basten
  15. Michel Platini
  16. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
  17. Soviet Union
  18. The Lightning Seeds
  19. Ukraine
  20. Norway
  21. Phil Neville
  22. Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka
  23. Matthias Sammer
  24. Spain (2008 and 2012)