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Welcome to our FA Cup Quiz

Quiz Questions about the FA Cup

  1. Which football club has won the FA Cup most times? And as of 2020, how many times?
  2. On which ground was the first ever FA Cup final played? And which team beat the Royal Engineers 1-0 to win this 1872 final?
  3. Whose mazy run in 1981 for Spurs against Manchester City is often spoken of as one the best Cup final goals of all time?
  4. Name the only team based outside England to have won the Cup? And can you name both the year and the team they beat?
  5. Can you name the first overseas manager to win the FA Cup?

  6. Which player has won the FA Cup the most times? And how many FA Cup winner's medals does this player have?
  7. The 1953 FA Cup Final was nicknamed after which player? However, which Blackpool player scored a hat-trick that day? (Note: Answers are two different players)
  8. Which club in the 2020 Premiership have a history of reaching 4 finals without a win?
  9. Which player has scored a total of 5 goals in three FA Cup Finals?
  10. In 1992, the previous season's First Division Champions got knocked out by the team that came botom of the Fourth Division - can you name both teams?
  11. During the 1956 FA Cup final against Birmingham, what did former Luftwaffe paratrooper Bert Trautmann famously do whilst playing for Manchester City?
  12. In 2012 who became the first (and as of 2020, the only) player to score in four separate FA Cup finals?
  13. Which team did Manchester City beat in the 2019 final? And what was the score?
  14. Can you name the youngest player to score in an FA Cup final?
  15. Name the only team to win the Cup and then get relegated in the same season?
  16. It took over 113 years for the first player to be sent off in an FA cup final - who was he? And which player did he foul with a sliding tackle?
  17. Who is the most successful manager in the history of the competition? And how many finals did this manager win?
  18. Who scored the fastest goal ever in the FA Cup final? It was against Chelsea in 2009. And how many seconds did this record breaking goal take?
  19. In 1988 which unfancied team beat Liverpool 1-0? Who scored the goal and who made a vital penalty save in this victory?
  20. In the period 2000 to 2020, only two clubs outside of the Premiership have played in a FA Cup Final, can you name both?
  21. Can you name the first non-British or Irish player to captain a winning side in the FA Cup Final?
  22. In 2004 which Millwall player became the youngest ever to play in the final at the age of 17 years and 119 day?
  23. The first and last verses of which Christian hymn are traditionally sung at the FA Cup Final about 15 minutes before kick-off?
  24. In the 1947 FA Cup Final, what happened during the match for the second consecutive year, that has never happened since?
  25. As of 2020, four players have been sent of in finals in the Premiership era - can you name all four?


  1. Arsenal. 13 times.
  2. Kennington Oval (1872). Wanderers.
  3. Ricky Villa’s
  4. Cardiff. 1927, they beat Arsenal.
  5. Ruud Gullit (1997) (Note: his Chelsea side beat Middlesbrough 2–0)
  6. Ashley Cole. Seven (three with Arsenal, four with Chelsea)
  7. Stanley Matthews (it was known as the Matthews Final). Stan Mortensen scored three goals for Blackpool.
  8. Leicester City (1949, 1961, 1963, 1969)
  9. Ian Rush
  10. Wrexham knocked out Arsenal (2-1, at the Racecourse Ground)
  11. He broke his neck and played on (without knowing until after the game)
  12. Didier Drogba
  13. Watford, 6–0.
  14. Norman Whiteside (18 years, 19 days)
  15. Wigan (in 2013) (Note: Roberto Martinez was the manager)
  16. Kevin Moran (who saw red in 1985 playing for Manchester United). Peter Reid was fouled.
  17. Arsene Wenger
  18. Louis Saha. It was scored after just 25 seconds.
  19. Wimbledon. Lawrie Sanchez’s scored with a header and Dave Beasant saved a penalty from John Aldridge.
  20. Millwall (2004) and Cardiff (2008)
  21. Eric Cantona (1996)
  22. Curtis Weston
  23. Abide With Me
  24. Ball burst (both incidents were later put down to the poor quality of leather available after World War II)
  25. Jose Antonio Reyes (Arsenal, 2005), Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City, 2013), Chris Smalling (Manchester United, 2016), and Victor Moses (Chelsea, 2017).