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Falkland Islands Quiz


  1. Is Stanley, the capital of the islands, on East or West Falkland?
  2. On 14 June 2022, Port Stanley (or Stanley) received letters patent, formally awarding it what?
  3. Which settlement is the third-largest settlement of the Falkland Islands, after Stanley and Mount Pleasant?
  4. The Falklands War was a war between the UK and Argentina in which year?

  5. True or false. According to the 2021 census, the Falkland Islands had a population of about 10,000 people?
  6. What day is celebrated on January 10 each year?
  7. What was the first name of Sir Hunt, Governor of the Falkland Islands between 1980 and September 1985?
  8. The coat of arms of the Falkland Islands is a shield containing a ram at the top and what underneath?
  9. Is the Falkland Islands twice the size of Wales, the same size as Wales, or half the size of Wales?
  10. What nickname was given to the islanders from the large seaweeds that surround the Falklands?
  11. Can you name the sea inlet on East Falkland, that was the site of the British secondary landings of the Falklands War?
  12. What does Argentina call the islands?
  13. Which 160 mile long island, home to millions of penguins, lies about 870 miles east of the Falkland Islands?
  14. What is the name of the sea strait that separates West and East Falkland?


  1. East Falkland
  2. City status
  3. Goose Green
  4. 1982
  5. False (3,662 people)
  6. Margaret Thatcher Day
  7. Rex (Sir Rex Hunt)
  8. A sailing ship
  9. Half the size of Wales
  10. Kelpers (Kelps are large brown seaweeds)
  11. Bluff Cove
  12. Las Malvinas
  13. South Georgia
  14. Falkland Sound