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Famous Amateur Artists Trivia


  1. On 24 May 2002, the art of which musician was exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool?
  2. Which Hollywood actor featured in the short 2017 documentary about his art called I Needed Color?
  3. Using the pseudonym "Charles Morin", who continued his painting hobby throughout his life and completed hundreds of paintings?
  4. Who actually drew that famous sketch of a naked Rose in the film Titanic?
  5. The Daily Telegraph reported that from 1997 to 2016, A. G. Carrick's watercolors earned an estimated £2 million - who paints under the pseudonym A. G. Carrick?

  6. There is some evidence to suggest that out-of-work painter Adolf Hitler once lived in which British city to study art?
  7. The Osthaus Museum Hagen, Germany, is hosting 53 works of art in early 2022 by which Hollywood actor to celebrate his 75th birthday?
  8. In February 2017, which America amateur artist known for painting world leaders and dogs released a book of portraits of veterans titled Portraits of Courage?
  9. Which English retired international cricketer and accomplished artist owns a gallery in Chipping Sodbury?
  10. Which actor and artist who died in September, 2010, has his work Red Table displayed in The Museum of Modern Art in New York?

Art Answers

  1. Paul McCartney
  2. Jim Carrey
  3. Winston Churchill (1874–1965)
  4. James Cameron (the director of the film Titanic)
  5. Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales
  6. Liverpool
  7. Sylvester Stallone
  8. George W. Bush
  9. Jack Russell
  10. Tony Curtis

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