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Famous Coastlines


  1. What is the English name for the Cote D’Azur?
  2. Which World Heritage Site stretches from Exmouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset?
  3. Which famous stretch of Italian coastline is named after a town and comune in the province of Salerno?
  4. Big Sur is a mountainous section of which American state's coast?

  5. In which country is the fiord Milford Sound? Rudyard Kipling called it the eighth Wonder of the World.
  6. In which country is the location of the Dalmatian Coast?
  7. The Causeway Coastal Route is 120 miles of coastal beauty in which part of the world?
  8. In which country is the turquoise coastline?
  9. Gold Coast in West Africa is today known as which country?
  10. The Great Ocean Road is a stretch of road along the coast of which country?
  11. Which chalk headland in East Sussex is the highest chalk sea cliff in the UK?
  12. The only national park in the UK which consists mostly of coastal landscapes can be walked in which Welsh county?


  1. The French Riviera
  2. Jurassic Coast
  3. The Amalfi Coast
  4. California's
  5. New Zealand
  6. Croatia
  7. Northern Ireland
  8. Turkey
  9. Ghana (Republic of Ghana)
  10. Australia
  11. Beachy Head
  12. Pembrokeshire