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Famous Deaths Trivia


  1. Died on the afternoon of April 1, 1984, when intervening in a fight between his parents.
  2. He died on Christmas Day 1977 in Switzerland from complications relating to a stroke.
  3. Died November 30, 1900, Paris, France, at the age of 46, of meningitis following an acute ear infection.
  4. Collapsed on the Spanish golf course, after finishing a game on October 14, 1977.
  5. Died from a heart attack in Valletta, Malta, during a break from filming Gladiator, on the afternoon of 2 May 1999.

  6. During a trip to New York in 1953, fell into a coma and died on 9 November 1953, aged just 39.
  7. Died at the age of 44 when his heart was pierced by the poisonous spine of a stingray.
  8. Found dead in the bathtub in February 2012 at the age of 48.
  9. Collided with a tree in a freak skiing accident in California in 1998.
  10. Died of a heart attack in Spain, after falling from a horse during the filming of 'The Last Return of the Three Musketeers'.
  11. Shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles in the early hours of Sunday, March 9, 1997.
  12. Found dead in her home on 5th August, 1962, from a presumed suicide.
  13. On 3 December 1894, this writer collapsed after straining to open a bottle of wine in his home on Samoa.
  14. Found dead in her London apartment at the age of 27 in July 2011.
  15. Owner of a Grand National winner; died on 9 May, 2019, aged 76 on the Costa del Sol in Spain.
  16. Murdered during the morning of 30 December, 1916, at the home of Felix Yusupov.
  17. Died in Paris on July 3rd, 1971, of a heart attack in a bath.
  18. American playwright who died in 1983 in a New York hotel suite; according to medical reports from choking on a bottle cap.
  19. Died on Halloween, 1926, from a ruptured appendix after a strange series of events, in Detriot, Michigan.
  20. Died in the same London flat, as Mama Cass of the group 'The Mamas & the Papas' had done four years earlier; and at the same age of 32.
  21. Actress who drowned while on a boating trip in California, on November 29, 1981.
  22. American dancer who broke her neck in Nice, France, in 1927, when her long scarf became entangled in a car wheel.
  23. On June 3, 2009, American actor who died in a hotel room in Bangkok under mysterious circumstances.
  24. Died in Rome, Italy, aged just 25, in 1821.
  25. Died in a car accident on November 30, 2013, with friend Roger Rodas.
  26. Found dead in Hollywood's Landmark Hotel on the 4th of October 1970.
  27. Died in an alleged brawl on 30 May 1593.
  28. Assassinated on 8 December 1980 in The Dakota Building, New York City.
  29. Died on 15 April 1984, after suffering a heart attack live on television.
  30. Found dead in his cell on August 10, 2019, at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City.

Answers - Famous Deaths

  1. Marvin Gaye
  2. Charlie Chaplin
  3. Oscar Wilde
  4. Bing Crosby
  5. Oliver Reed
  6. Dylan Thomas
  7. Steve Irwin (in September 2006)
  8. Whitney Houston
  9. Sonny Bono
  10. Roy Kinnear (in 1988)
  11. The Notorious B.I.G.
  12. Marilyn Monroe
  13. Robert Louis Stevenson
  14. Amy Winehouse
  15. Freddie Starr
  16. Rasputin
  17. Jim Morrison ('The Doors' singer)
  18. Tennessee Williams
  19. Harry Houdini
  20. Keith Moon (in 1978, who was 'The Who' drummer)
  21. Natalie Wood
  22. Isadora Duncan
  23. David Carradine
  24. Poet John Keats
  25. Paul Walker
  26. Janis Joplin
  27. Christoper Marlowe
  28. John Lennon
  29. Tommy Cooper
  30. Jeffrey Epstein