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Famous Gates

Quiz Questions

  1. Which famous 18th-century monument in Berlin, was built on the orders of Prussian king Frederick William II?
  2. Which historic gate in the London Wall around the City of London had parts of its gate buildings developed into a prison?
  3. The Traitors' Gate is an entrance to which building?
  4. Eastgate and Eastgate Clock stand on the site of the original entrance to which British city?
  5. What was dismantled and rebuilt by Thomas Cubitt as a ceremonial entrance to Hyde Park at Cumberland Gate?

  6. On the gate entrance to where would you have found the words which when translated said "work sets you free"?
  7. What is the the name of the most famous set of gates at Anfield football stadium in Liverpool?
  8. What type of gate became accepted during the 20th century as the emblem of the Houses of Parliament?
  9. Which gate in the former defensive wall around the City of London has given its name to the area and street where the A11 road starts?
  10. For many years, the headquarters of the English Football Association were located at which 'gate'?
  11. In which Welsh town would you find Monnow Bridge? It is the only remaining medieval fortified river bridge in the UK with its gate tower still standing in place.
  12. What's the name of the strait that connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of North America?
  13. The Meridian Gate is the southern entrance to which Unesco World Heritage Site constructed from 1406 to 1420?
  14. In the early 20th century the Gateway of India was erected in which Indian city?
  15. The Gateway Arch is a 190-metre high monument in which American city?
  16. Gate 4 is now known as 'Gatland’s Gate' in a sports stadium in which British city?
  17. Gates visible on old maps of which city included Damascus Gate, Golden Gate, Herod's Gate, and Jaffa Gate?


  1. The Brandenburg Gate
  2. Newgate
  3. Tower of London (through which many Tudor prisoners arrived)
  4. Chester (the clock is said to be the most photographed clock in England after Big Ben)
  5. Marble Arch
  6. Auschwitz
  7. Shankly Gates (in memory of Liverpool manager Bill Shankly)
  8. Portcullis
  9. Aldgate
  10. Lancaster Gate
  11. Monmouth
  12. The Golden Gate
  13. Forbidden City (in Beijing)
  14. Mumbai
  15. St. Louis
  16. Cardiff (Principality Stadium, named after former Welsh rugby coach Warren Gatland)
  17. Jerusalem

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