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Famous Ice Cream

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  1. Name the brand of ice cream sold by the fast food chain McDonald's?
  2. Which American ice cream company was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont?
  3. What three separate flavours are there in Neapolitan ice cream?
  4. What name is given in the UK to the popular flavour of ice cream consisting of raspberry syrup injected into vanilla ice cream?
  5. Which brand, most commercially successful in the 1970s, has a logo sometimes known as the 'Good Time Sign'?

  6. Which dessert consists of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue?
  7. Which ice cream brand was established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in The Bronx, New York, in 1960?
  8. Which layered ice cream sundae is thought to have got its name from a Manhattan hotel in New York City?
  9. In 2000, the commercial for which ice cream product was ranked 23rd in Channel 4's UK poll of the "100 Greatest Adverts"?
  10. In May 2021, due to unexpected high sales across the UK there was a national shortage of what product?
  11. Which melody or jingle will always be associated with Mr Whippy’s fleet of ice cream vans?
  12. What is the most popular flavour of ice cream?
  13. By 1912, American inventor Frederick Bruckman perfected a machine for producing what at incredible speed?
  14. What flavour did White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reveal on Twitter to be President Biden's favourite ice cream flavour?
  15. Which flavour traditionally consists of chocolate ice cream, nuts, and diced or whole marshmallows?
  16. Which world-renowned chef is famous for his bacon and egg ice cream?
  17. What frozen product first appeared in the 1970s consisting of flavoured ice cream inside a conical, plastic cup with a gumball at the bottom?
  18. The Wall's logo is in the shape of two swirly what?
  19. Which British brand of ice cream cake was first launched by Wall's in 1982?
  20. Which former British politician is famous for helping to produce a type of ‘soft-scoop’ ice cream?
  21. Kelly’s have been making ice cream since 1930 in which English county?
  22. Carte D'Or originated in France in 1978 with five flavours. Which of these flavours was derived from culinary nuts, sugar and cream?
  23. Which brand’s Mayan Mystica flavour was once advertised by Eva Longoria?
  24. According to a British government code of practice, ice cream vans are only allowed to play their chimes for a maximum of how many seconds?
  25. In which country can you buy octopus, shrimp, and beef-tongue flavoured ice cream?


  1. The McFlurry
  2. Ben & Jerry's
  3. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry
  4. Raspberry Ripple
  5. Lyons Maid
  6. Baked Alaska
  7. Haagen-Dazs
  8. Knickerbocker glory
  9. Cornetto
  10. Cadbury's Flakes
  11. Greensleeves
  12. Vanilla
  13. Ice cream cones
  14. Chocoloate chip
  15. Rocky road
  16. Heston Blumenthal

  17. Screwball
  18. Hearts
  19. Viennetta
  20. Margaret Thatcher
  21. Cornwall
  22. Praline
  23. Magnum
  24. 12 seconds
  25. Japan