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Famous Medals

Quiz: military and civilian decorations

  1. One of the most famous in the world, name the highest French decoration?
  2. Which medal introduced during the third week of the London Blitz is given to reward acts of civilian courage?
  3. Can you name the United States Armed Forces' highest military decoration?
  4. What is the two word inscription on the Victoria Cross?

  5. The Purple Heart medal contains a profile of whose portrait?
  6. Instituted in 1943, what is the Dickin Medal awarded for?
  7. Awarded to civilians for acts of bravery at a level below that of the George Medal, what does the acronym QGM stand for?
  8. Founded by King George I on 18 May 1725, name the order of chivalry whose name is derived from the medieval ceremony for appointing a knight?
  9. Created in 1993 as the second level military decoration of the British Armed Forces, what is the CGC?
  10. What two word inscription is on the George Cross?
  11. What medal did President Ronald Reagan present Mother Teresa with in 1985?
  12. What was the highest military award for German service personel during World War II?
  13. The Order of Saint George is the highest military decoration of which country?
  14. The South Atlantic Medal is a British medal awarded to military personnel and civilians for service in which war?


  1. The Legion of Honor
  2. The George Cross
  3. The Medal of Honor (MOH)
  4. For Valour
  5. George Washington's profile
  6. For animals displaying gallantry and devotion to duty
  7. Queen’s Gallantry Medal
  8. Order of the Bath
  9. The Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC)
  10. For Gallantry
  11. Presidential Medal of Freedom
  12. Iron Cross (Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross)
  13. Russian Federation, Russia
  14. The Falklands War (of 1982)