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Famous Mountain Passes


  1. The Khyber Pass links Afghanistan to which other country?
  2. The Tioga Pass is the highest mountain pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in which American state?
  3. Which famous pass connects Brig in the canton of Valais, Switzerland with Domodossola in Piedmont, Italy?
  4. The A542 road from Llandegla to Llangollen runs through which pass in north-east Wales?
  5. The Agua Negra Pass is a pass over the Andes mountains connecting which two countries?
  6. Which historic pass connects the Austrian city of Innsbruck with the Italian city of Bolzan?
  7. Col du Tourmalet is one of the highest paved mountain passes in which mountain range?
  8. The Gotthard Pass is one of the most important mountain passes in which country?
  9. Which iconic single-track, winding Highlands road links Loch Kishorn to the village of Applecross?
  10. The Alp's mountain pass linking Martigny in Switzerland with Aosta, Italy, is famous for giving its name to which breed of dog?
  11. Dead Woman's Pass is found on which trail to Machu Picchu in Peru?
  12. Snake Pass and Winnats Pass are two hill passes in which English National Park?
  13. The incredible Transfagarasan highway passes over the Fagaras mountains in which European country?
  14. The Yellowhead Pass, Kicking Horse Pass and Rogers Pass are all found in which country?


  1. Pakistan
  2. California
  3. Simplon Pass
  4. The Horseshoe Pass
  5. Argentina and Chile
  6. Brenner Pass
  7. The Pyrenees
  8. Switzerland
  9. Bealach na Ba
  10. St Bernard (the pass is The Great St Bernard Pass)
  11. The Inca Trail
  12. The Peak District
  13. Romania
  14. Canada