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Famous Noels


  1. What is the occupation of Noel Fitzpatrick who featured in a Channel 4 television series?
  2. A memorial stone was unveiled in Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey on 28 March 1984 for who?
  3. Which comedian is best known for The Mighty Boosh and The Great British Bake Off?
  4. Who presented the programme that televised the first national lottery draw in the UK?

  5. Who was the primary songwriter of the rock band Oasis until their 2009 split?
  6. Name the actor who played Wyman Norris in the TV series Auf Wiedersehen, Pet?
  7. A member of the British Olympic skiing team, who had a hit with "The Windmills of Your Mind"?
  8. Who played the role of Meg Mortimer in the long-running TV soap Crossroads?
  9. Noel Hogan is best known as the lead guitarist of which Irish band?
  10. Welsh singer Noel Sullivan is best remembered for being a member of which pop group?


  1. A vet (veterinary surgeon in the TV programme The Supervet)
  2. Noel Coward
  3. Noel Fielding
  4. Noel Edmonds
  5. Noel Gallagher
  6. Noel Clarke
  7. Noel Harrison
  8. Noele Gordon
  9. The Cranberries
  10. Hear'Say