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Famous Photos


  1. An iconic photogaph taken in 1945 shows United States Marines raising the U.S. flag on Mount Suribachi during the battle for which island?
  2. London surgeon Robert Wilson supposedly took a photo of what in 1934?
  3. One of the most famous photographs of all time was shot on 8 August 1969 on what road?
  4. What were eleven American ironworkers sitting on whilst having lunch in a black-and-white photograph taken on September 20, 1932?

  5. Who stuck his tongue out for the camera for his 72nd birthday on March 14, 1951?
  6. Where was the Jeff Widener photo entitled Tank Man taken in 1989?
  7. Which awful event was captured by photographer Sam Shere in 1937?
  8. The Situation Room was a photo taken by Pete Souza who at the time was the chief official White House photographer for which president?
  9. Guerrillero Heroico is an iconic photograph taken by Alberto Korda in 1960 of who?
  10. A series of five photographs taken by young cousins Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths in Cottingley in 1917 were supposedly of what?
  11. A subway grate was used to create a famous photo of Marilyn Monroe in 1954 during the filming of which movie?
  12. A photo of two what fighting in London's Underground won the 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year prize?


  1. Iwo Jima
  2. The Loch Ness Monster
  3. Abbey Road, Liverpool (of The Beatles walking across a zebra crossing)
  4. A steel beam 260 meters above the ground (of the RCA Building in Manhattan, New York City)
  5. Albert Einstein (in a now iconic image)
  6. Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
  7. The Hindenburg Disaster
  8. President Barack Obama
  9. Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara
  10. Fairies
  11. The Seven Year Itch
  12. Mice