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Famous Postcodes - Quiz Questions and Trivia


  1. Which London postcode containing one letter and two digits was fictional for 25 years before being given to the London Olympic Games site in 2011?
  2. Which major landmark can be visited at the postcode SS1 2EH?
  3. The DG postcode area is a group of fifteen postcode districts in south-west Scotland, what does the D and G stand for?
  4. Where would you be if you visited SW19 5AE?
  5. All mail starting with postcode SA99 are for which organisation?
  6. The AL postcode area is a group of ten postcode districts covering central Hertfordshire, what does AL stand for?
  7. Which two letters represent the postcode for Edinburgh?
  8. All postcodes in the Isle of Wight start with which two letters?

  9. The LD postcode area covers a sparsely populated area in Powys, Wales, what does LD stand for?
  10. The postcode for the the Visitor Centre car park is PH33 6ST - where are you visiting?
  11. Which football stadium has the postcode HA9 0WS?
  12. Which island was assigned the unique postcode prefix GY10 in 2011 to differentiate it from Alderney?
  13. The BF postcode area was introduced in 2012 to provide optional postcodes, what does BF stand for?
  14. Where exactly would you be at TR19 7AA?
  15. Who was the most famous person to be born at today's postcode address of CV37 6QW?
  16. Which residential building has the postcode address SL4 1PD?
  17. Which famous landmark has the postcode FY1 4BJ?
  18. Which landmark would you be visiting if you set your Sat-Nav for SP4 7DE?
  19. The CT postcode area is a group of 21 postcode districts, what does CT stand for?
  20. The furthest point from the sea in the UK is in which post code area? We need the first two letters of the postcode.
  21. Where exactly in London would you be visiting if you put the postcode E16 1XL into your Sat-Nav?
  22. What can be visited at the postcode SW1A 1AA?
  23. Which two letters represents the geographically biggest postcode area in the UK?
  24. Which two letters represent the Brighton postcode area?
  25. Hastings is in the TN poscode area, what town's area postcode area does TN represent?
  26. Which university would you be visiting if you set your satellite navigation system to LE11 3TT?
  27. The whole of Northern Ireland is represented by which two letter postcode?
  28. The word 'postcode' is made up in order with the letters of which four postcode regions? We need the names of four cities or towns.
  29. TS1 is the town centre postcode of which large town?
  30. Which postcode area is represented by the single letter 'N'?


  1. E20
  2. Southend Pier
  3. Dumfries and Galloway
  4. Wimbledon tennis courts
  5. DVLA ( Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Swansea)
  6. St. Albans
  7. EH
  8. PO
  9. Llandrindod Wells
  10. Ben Nevis
  11. Wembley Stadium
  12. Sark
  13. British Forces
  14. Land's End
  15. William Shakespeare (at Henley Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon)
  16. Windsor Castle
  17. Blackpool Tower
  18. Stonehenge
  19. Canterbury
  20. DE (DE12 in Derbyshire)
  21. ExCeL London or the Exhibition Centre London
  22. Buckingham Palace
  23. IV (also known as Inverness)

  24. BN
  25. Tunbridge Wells
  26. Loughborough University
  27. BT (Belfast)
  28. Portsmouth, Stoke-on-Trent, Colchester, Derby
  29. Middlesbrough (Teesside postcode area)
  30. North London