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Famous Straits

Famous Straits I

  1. The Strait of Gibraltar - separates Spain and Morocco. Connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Palk Strait - between India and Sri Lanka.

  3. Cook Strait - separates the North and South Islands of New Zealand.
  4. The Solent - strait between the Isle of Wight and Hampshire, England.
  5. The Bering Strait - strait between the Pacific and Arctic oceans, separating Russia and Alaska.
  6. Bass Strait - separates Tasmania from Australia.
  7. The Bosporus Strait - world's narrowest strait used for international navigation. Located in Istanbul, Turkey. Boundary between Asia and Europe.
  8. The Dardanelles - also known as the Strait of Gallipoli. Separates Asian Turkey from European Turkey. Together with the Bosphorus, the Dardanelles forms the Turkish Straits.
  9. The Strait of Magellan - sea route in southern Chile separating South America and Tierra del Fuego to the south. Most important natural passage between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
  10. The Messina Strait - separates Sicily and Italy. Connects the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea.
  11. The Strait of Hormuz - provides the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open ocean. Separates Iran, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.
  12. The Taiwan Strait - 110 miles-wide strait separating the island of Taiwan from China.
  13. Suez Canal - artificial waterway in Egypt linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Constructed in 1869. 120 miles long between Port Said in the north and Suez in the south.
  14. The Panama Canal - officially opened in 1914. 40 miles long. French painter Paul Gauguin worked as a labourer on the Panama Canal.
  15. The Strait of Dover - narrowest part of the English Channel. Minimum width is 20 miles.
  16. The Denmark Strait or Greenland Strait - separates Greenland and Iceland.
  17. The Torres Strait - strait between Australia and New Guinea.
  18. The Strait of Bonifacio - strait between Corsica and Sardinia.

Famous Straits II

  1. The North Channel - strait separating Northern Ireland and Scotland.
  2. The Menai Strait - sea channel between Anglesey and mainland Gwynedd, Wales.
  3. The Korea Strait - strait between Korea and Japan.
  4. The Mozambique Channel - located between Madagascar and Mozambique.
  5. East River - tidal strait linking Upper New York Bay with Long Island Sound, New York City.
  6. The Falkland Sound - separates West and East Falkland.
  7. St George's Channel - sea channel connecting the Irish Sea and Celtic Sea, between southern Ireland and West Wales.
  8. The Tsugaru Strait - separates Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan.
  9. Davis Strait - lies between Greenland and Baffin Island, Canada.
  10. The Yucatan Channel or Straits of Yucatan - strait between Mexico and Cuba
  11. The Strait of Otranto - connects the Adriatic Sea with the Ionian Sea. Separates Italy from Albania.
  12. The Drake Passage - body of water between Cape Horn, Chile and the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. Considered one of the most dangerous voyages for ships to make.

  13. The Florida straits - channel between southeastern Florida and the Bahamas, and the Florida Keys and Cuba.
  14. The Strait of Malacca - strait between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra.
  15. The Sunda Strait - separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra.
  16. The Danish straits - connects the Baltic Sea to the North Sea via the Kattegat and Skagerrak.
  17. Strait of Georgia – separates Vancouver Island and British Columbia, Canada.
  18. The Harlem River - tidal strait in New York, separating the island of Manhattan from the Bronx.