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Famous Trials


  1. What's the last name of attorney, Robert, who came to national attention when defending friend O.J. Simpson during that infamous 1994 murder trial?
  2. Which novel centres on the trial of Tom Robinson?
  3. The Salem witch trials were in the latter part of which century?
  4. Whose Old Bailey trial in 1910 was one of the first cases to use forensic evidence in court?
  5. In which German city were prominent leaders of Nazi Germany prosecuted after World War II?
  6. Which central figure in the 1963 Profumo affair committed suicide during the trial?
  7. Who was sent for trial on on charges of 'gross indecency' in 1895?

  8. Kenneth Starr's investigation famously led to whose trial?
  9. What popular name is given to the dispute between Cooleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, which culminated in a 2022 libel case?
  10. Which governor of the Roman province of Judaea was the official who presided over the trial of Jesus?
  11. What is the name of the 1955 play by Reginald Rose that depicts a jury deliberating the fate of a young man accused of murder?
  12. American Amanda Knox was wrongful convicted in 2009 in which country?
  13. Who in 2001 was wrongfully convicted of the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando?
  14. Who in 1949 insisted that his trial was illegal?
  15. In 1979, who was tried at the Old Bailey on charges of conspiracy and incitement to murder his ex-boyfriend?
  16. Harold Shipman's trial began at which city's Crown Court on 5 October 1999?
  17. Which queen was tried for adultery, incest, and high treason in 1536?
  18. Can you name the last woman to be executed in the United Kingdom in 1955?
  19. By what name are the group wrongly convited of bombings on 22 October 1975 at the Old Bailey best known?
  20. Which English trial proceedings ended with the judge describing the offence as a "a crime of sordid violence inspired by vast greed"?
  21. Who was found guilty of conspiracy, murder, and treason in Charles Town, Virginia in 1859?
  22. Who was acquitted at a trial that received widespread publicity throughout the United States in 1893?
  23. Can you name the former trader who was jailed for over 6 years in 1995 in Singapore?
  24. Graffiti artist Banksy produced a T-shirt to be sold in support of which group before their 2021 trial?
  25. Which 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling recognized that the decision to continue or end a pregnancy belonged to the individual, not the government?


  1. Kardashian (the Kardashian's father)
  2. To Kill a Mockingbird (by Harper Lee)
  3. The late 17th century (in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693)
  4. The Trial of Dr. Hawley Crippen (1910)
  5. Nuremberg
  6. Stephen Ward
  7. Oscar Wilde
  8. President Bill CLinton's
  9. Wagatha Christie
  10. Pontius Pilate
  11. Twelve Angry Men
  12. Italy
  13. Barry George
  14. Charles I
  15. Jeremy Thorpe
  16. Preston's
  17. Anne Boleyn
  18. Ruth Ellis
  19. The Guildford Four
  20. Great Train Robbery trial (1964)
  21. John Brown
  22. Lizzie Borden
  23. Nick Leeson
  24. Colston 4
  25. Roe v. Wade