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Famous Walls Quiz


  1. Which Roman wall was built some twenty years after Hadrian's Wall and intended to replace it?
  2. To the nearest 10-miles, how long is Hadrian's Wall?
  3. What claim about the Great Wall of China was made in 1932's Ripley's Believe It or Not! strip?
  4. The Western Wall is the only remnant of Jerusalem's Second Temple which was destroyed by the Romans around 70 A.D. - by what name is this wall also known?

  5. The peace lines or peace walls are a series of separation barriers mostly found in which city?
  6. The Berlin Wall appeared overnight in which year?
  7. The Green Monster is a popular nickname for a 37-foot-high wall at which baseball stadium located in Boston?
  8. The Walls of Ston, sometimes known as the "European Great Wall of China", are a series of defensive stone walls in which modern-day country?
  9. Which British city's walls were first constructed by the Romans when they established the fortress of Deva Victrix?
  10. Name the large linear earthwork that roughly follows the border between England and Wales?
  11. The Tsoi Wall is a graffiti-covered wall in which capital city?
  12. The Roman walls of Lugo were constructed in the 3rd century in which country?
  13. What was the name given to the extensive system of coastal defences and fortifications built by Germany against an Allied invasion during World War II?
  14. The 4,000 year old walls of Troy are a must-visit tourist spot in which country?
  15. In which American city is the Market Theater Gum Wall, a quirky tourist attraction brick wall covered in used chewing gum?
  16. The John Lennon Wall, featuring John Lennon and Beatles inspired graffiti, is a tourist attraction in which European city?
  17. Who said: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall"?
  18. Which walled, seaside town in Pembrokeshire, Wales, is noted for both its sandy beaches and 13th century medieval town walls?


  1. Antonine Wall
  2. 73 miles (so any answer between 63 miles and 83 miles is correct)
  3. It could be seen from the moon
  4. The Wailing Wall
  5. Belfast
  6. 1961
  7. Fenway Park (home to the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball)
  8. Croatia
  9. Chester
  10. Offa's Dyke
  11. Moscow
  12. Spain
  13. The Atlantic Wall
  14. Turkey
  15. Seattle
  16. Prague (in the Czech Republic)
  17. President Ronald Reagan (in West Berlin on June 12, 1987)
  18. Tenby