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Farm Animals Quiz


  1. What is the most intelligent farm animal?
  2. Rhode Island Red is an American breed of which domestic animal?
  3. Male sheep are called rams, what are female sheep called?
  4. What word describes the process of immersing a live animal into a bath containing a liquid insecticide?
  5. Badger Face and Dorset Down are breeds of which farm animals?

  6. How many toes do sheep have on each foot?
  7. Which animal form herds called sounders, both for companionship and protection?
  8. If bovine is a term relating to cattle, the term caprine relates to which animal?
  9. Cows have a stomach with how many different compartments?
  10. On a horse, what name is given to the top of the shoulder, where the neck joins the body?
  11. What do we call a cow that has not had a calf?
  12. Which Scottish breed of cattle have been recorded in north-eastern Scotland since at least the sixteenth century?
  13. True or false. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is just thirteen seconds?
  14. What words describes the intentional removal of part of an animal's tail?
  15. What is bigger, an acre or a hectare?
  16. The Norfolk Black and KellyBronze are breeds of which domestic animal?
  17. The Suffolk Punch is a breed of which animal?
  18. Eggs that come from hens vaccinated against Salmonella are usually stamped with what mark?
  19. Gloucester old spot, tamworth and British saddleback are breeds of what farm animal?
  20. Which niche market livestock has wool seven times warmer than sheep's wool and three times more resistant?
  21. Holsteins are large breeds of which animal?
  22. What is the most common breed of sheep dog?
  23. Which three letter word is an alternative name for a ram?
  24. Herdwick sheep are native to which part of England?
  25. Also called wool fat, what name is given to the thick yellow greasy substance in sheep wool?


  1. Pig
  2. Chicken
  3. Ewes
  4. Dipping
  5. Sheep
  6. Two toes on each foot
  7. Pigs
  8. Goats
  9. Four
  10. Withers
  11. Heifer
  12. Aberdeen Angus
  13. TRUE
  14. Docking
  15. A hectare is bigger (one hectare is equal to 2.47 acres)
  16. Turkey
  17. Horse
  18. Lion mark
  19. Pigs
  20. Alpacas
  21. Cattle, or dairy cattle
  22. Border collie
  23. Tup
  24. Lake District, or Cumbria
  25. Lanolin