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Fast Food Quiz

Questions About Fast Food

  1. Which entrepreneur founded KFC after initially selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Kentucky?
  2. The name of which Indian stir-fried curry dish actually means "hot-fry"?
  3. McDonald's opened its first restaurant in the U.K. in Woolwich, London, in which decade?
  4. What type of sausage roll did Greggs launch in January 2019?

  5. What name is the McDonald's fish sandwich or burger known by?
  6. What fast food chain established in 1934 by Edward Gold, has a name inspired by a character from the Popeye cartoons?
  7. Which multinational fast food chain claims to have the largest collection of South African art in the UK?
  8. A traditional Gala Pie has what in the middle?
  9. Jerk chicken is often a street food associated with which country?
  10. In 1957, what product became the first major addition to the Burger King menu?
  11. Roasted chestnuts are traditionally sold as street food in which American city?
  12. Which fast food restaurant chain opened its first fish and chip shop in 1928 in Guiseley, West Yorkshire?
  13. John Davie claims to have invented what in 1992 in The Haven Chip Bar in Stonehaven, near Aberdeen?
  14. Which ingredient, known as rutabaga in the United States, is a traditional main ingredient in Cornish pasties?
  15. What name is given to a fluffy Chinese egg omelette on a Chinese takeaway menu?
  16. What type of meal of skewered and grilled cubes of meat gets its two word name from the Turkish for 'skewer' and 'roasted meat dish'?
  17. What type of pizza originating in Canada is traditionally topped with pineapple and ham?
  18. How many dots are there on the Domino's Pizza logo?
  19. Which sandwich shop chain gets its name from the French 'for ready to eat'?
  20. Which restaurant chain specialising in baked potatoes first opened in Edinburgh in 1974?
  21. Which fast food outlet produces the Zinger Burger?
  22. What mass-producing pasty company based in Cornwall is the largest pasty maker in the UK?
  23. What appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine gets its name from the Spanish word "to cover"?
  24. Subway produces the vegan T.L.C. - what does the acronym T.L.C. stand for?
  25. The Little Chef restaurant chain was famous for their version of a full English breakfast - what was it called?
  26. Which British restaurant chain's name is Japanese for "self-indulgent" or "self-centred"?
  27. Which UK company founded in 1997 specialises in delivering sushi to customers using the Japanese style conveyor belt method?
  28. Which company has the website strapline: "Selling our pies in Britain’s fish and chip shops has been our bread and butter for more than 50 years"?
  29. What is the name of the Canadian fast food meal consisting of chunky fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy?
  30. Which British online food order and delivery service in which you place orders and pay online has been advertised since 2020 by American rapper Snoop Dogg?


  1. Colonel Harland Sanders
  2. Jalfrezi
  3. 1970s (1974)
  4. Vegan (made with vegan Quorn)
  5. The Filet-O-Fish
  6. Wimpy (after the character J. Wellington Wimpy)
  7. Nando's
  8. A boiled egg
  9. Jamaica
  10. Whopper
  11. New York City
  12. Harry Ramsden's
  13. Deep-fried Mars bar
  14. Swede
  15. Egg Foo Young
  16. Shish kebab
  17. Hawaiian pizza
  18. Three
  19. Pret a Manger, or Pret
  20. Spudulike
  21. KFC
  22. Ginsters
  23. Tapas

  24. Tastes Like Chicken
  25. The Olympic breakfast
  26. Wagamama
  27. YO! Sushi
  28. Pukka, or Pukka Pies
  29. Poutine
  30. Just Eat