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All questions or answers feature the word fat!

Fat Quiz I

  1. "Vindaloo" is a song by which British band?
  2. What is the literal translation of Mardi Gras?
  3. The Fat Controller appears in which children's television series?
  4. What's the name of Heston Blumenthal's famous awarded winning Michelin star restaurant in Bray, Berkshire?

  5. By what name is English musician, DJ, and record producer Norman Cook better known?
  6. Who presents British TV's annual The Big Fat Quiz of the Year?
  7. The Fat Slags is a comic strip appearing in which alternative British comic?
  8. Which 2002 romantic comedy film featured Fotoula Portokalos who worked in her family's Chicago restaurant, "Dancing Zorba's"?
  9. Which former sportsman had a friend called Jimmy 'Five Bellies' Gardner?
  10. Which fruit has the most fat content?
  11. What name is given to the thick layer of fat, also called adipose tissue, directly under the skin of all marine mammals?
  12. The Fat Charlie logo was associated with which now closed company that was founded in 1958?
  13. What name is given to the type of cosmetic surgery procedure that removes fat from the human body?
  14. Arthur "Fatboy" Chubb was a fictional character from which soap opera?
  15. In the nursery rhyme "Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat" how much money is put in the old's man's hat?
  16. El Gordo literally means 'fat one' in Spain - what is it?
  17. Which British clothing retailer was founded in 1988 by Tim Slade and Jules Leaver as a business selling T-shirts at ski resorts?
  18. In which decade did "Fatty" Arbuckle sign a contract with Paramount Pictures for 14,000 dollars?
  19. Which Australian actress played the role of Fat Amy in the musical comedy film series Pitch Perfect?
  20. Who recorded "The Fat Man" in 1949, which is widely regarded as the first million-selling rock and roll record?


  1. Fat Les
  2. Fat Tuesday
  3. Thomas & Friends (originally known as Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, or simply Thomas the Tank Engine)
  4. The Fat Duck
  5. Fatboy Slim
  6. Jimmy Carr
  7. Viz
  8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  9. Paul Gascoigne
  10. Avocado
  11. Blubber
  12. Little Chef
  13. Liposuction

  14. EastEnders
  15. A penny
  16. The Spanish Lottery
  17. Fat Face
  18. 1920s (1920)
  19. Rebel Wilson
  20. Fats Domino