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Fawlty Towers

Fawlty Towers Quiz Questions

  1. Which actress wrote Fawlty Towers with John Cleese?
  2. Who played Basil's bossy wife Sybil?
  3. What is the first name of the chambermaid?
  4. Manuel, the well-meaning but dim waiter, is from which city?
  5. What was the title of the sixth episode, in which Basil warned his staff "Don't mention the war"?

  6. What object did Basil use to give his car "a damn good thrashing" in the 'Gourmet Night' episode?
  7. Basil has described his wife Sybil as having the ability to "kill a man at ten paces with one blow of her"... what?
  8. Which food dish gives its name to the third episode of the second series?
  9. What was the first name of the Cockney chef played by Brian Hall in the second series?
  10. What was the army rank of the permanent resident of the hotel played by Ballard Berkeley?
  11. Fawlty Towers ran for two series, in which year was the final series recorded?
  12. How many episodes of Fawlty Towers are there?
  13. Which actor played Doctor Price, who was waiting for his sausages?
  14. Bernard Cribbins played Mr. Hutchinson in 'The Hotel Inspectors' episode. Mr. Hutchinson was a salesman of what items?
  15. In which seaside town was Fawlty Towers set?
  16. With what complaint was Sybil in hospital with in the episode in which Basil had a moose's head to hang up on the wall?


  1. Connie Booth (who also played the maid, Polly)
  2. Prunella Scales
  3. Polly
  4. Barcelona
  5. The Germans
  6. Tree branch
  7. Tongue (said to Irish builder O'Reilly in 'The Builders')
  8. Waldorf Salad
  9. Terry (Terry Hughes)
  10. Major (Major Gowen)
  11. 1979 (the first series was filmed in 1975, except for the pilot which was filmed in December, 1974)
  12. 12 episodes
  13. Geoffrey Palmer
  14. Spoons (he was a spoons salesman)
  15. Torquay
  16. Ingrowing toenail

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