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February Quiz Questions

  1. What star sign are you if you were born in early February?
  2. February gets its name from the word 'februa', which comes from which language?
  3. Valentine's Day is celebrated on which date in February?
  4. The February Revolution was the first of two revolutions which took place in Russia in which year?
  5. What happened in Britain on the 15th of February, 1971?
  6. Februalia was the Roman festival of ritual what?

  7. On 16th February, 1659, what was used for the first time in Britain as Mr Nicholas Vanacker settles a debt?
  8. In leap years, February starts on the same day of the week as which other month?
  9. Which violet variety of quartz, often used in jewellery, is the traditional birthstone for February?
  10. In the DC Comics, on which date in February is Superman's birthday?
  11. Which popular tradition is celebrated in the United States and Canada on February 2? (Hint: it's also the title of a 1993 comedy film starring Bill Murray.)
  12. In which resort city on the Black Sea was the Crimea Conference held in February, 1945?
  13. In the sporting calendar, which event usually happens on the first Sunday in February?
  14. Which American federal holiday is celebrated on the third Monday in February?
  15. On the 12 February, 1554, who was beheaded at the tower of London?
  16. Which country's leader once said, "I have two generals who will not fail me: Generals January and February"?
  17. In the poem called 'The Months' by Sara Coleridge, if 'hot july brings cooling shower' what does February bring?
  18. True or false. It is possible to have Easter in late February?


  1. Aquarius
  2. Latin
  3. 14th February
  4. 1917
  5. Decimalisation
  6. Purification
  7. A cheque
  8. August
  9. Amethyst
  10. 29th February
  11. Groundhog Day

  12. Yalta
  13. Super Bowl
  14. Presidents' Day
  15. Lady Jane Grey
  16. Russia's (Tsar Nicholas I)
  17. The rain
  18. False (March 22 is the earliest Easter can occur)