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Film Quiz Questions I

  1. Which British actor portrays Loki in the 2012 movie The Avengers and again in 2013's Thor: The Dark World?
  2. Which 1965 American movie was partly based on Irving Stone's biographical novel of the same name? And who directed this film?

  3. Captain Dallas is the captain of the commercial spacecraft Nostromo in which film?
  4. Which actor plays Sebastian, a struggling jazz pianist, in the film La La Land?
  5. Which actor was born Emanuel Goldenberg in Bucharest in 1893?
  6. US Army virologist Robert Neville was the main character in which film?
  7. Which 2014 historical drama thriller film was loosely based on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma?
  8. What was the name of the shark hunter played by Robert Shaw in Jaws?
  9. Which director is best known for directing The French Connection in 1971, and The Exorcist in 1973?
  10. Who played the title role in the Western movie Will Penny?


  1. Tom Hiddleston
  2. The Agony and the Ecstasy. Directed by Carol Reed.
  3. Alien
  4. Ryan Gosling
  5. Edward G. Robinson
  6. I Am Legend
  7. The Imitation Game
  8. Quint
  9. William Friedkin
  10. Charlton Heston

Film Quiz II

  1. Can you name the biographical comedy-drama film about opera singer and Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts?
  2. The 1962 epic How the West Was Won was narrated by which famous American actor?
  3. Who plays Frankie in Django Unchained and Mr. Brown in Reservoir Dogs?
  4. Part of which film takes place in the small working class town of Clairton, Pennsylvania?
  5. In which 1955 film does Ernest Borgnine play a socially awkward Italian American butcher who lives in The Bronx?
  6. Who plays the common working-class girl that Arthur Bach falls for in the 1981 film Arthur?
  7. Denzel Washington won a Best Actor Academy Award for his role as a corrupt cop in whic crime thriller?
  8. Which unknown actor got a phone call from Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro asking him to co-star in Raging Bull as Joey LaMotta?
  9. The Walking Piano is an oversized synthesizer which features in which 1988 movie?
  10. John Wayne named one of his sons after the character he played in The Searchers - what's the name?
  11. Which film starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo was a remake of a 1968 film of the same name?
  12. Which two word phrase is said 55 times during the 2013 movie The Great Gatsby?
  13. Saving Private Ryan not winning the Best Picture Oscar is regarded as one of the biggest Oscar snubs in film history - which film did win that year?
  14. Which film sees a group of men seek refuge from a blizzard at a stagecoach lodge called Minnie's Haberdashery?


  1. One Chance
  2. Spencer Tracy

  3. Quentin Tarantino
  4. The Deer Hunter
  5. Marty
  6. Liza Minnelli
  7. Training Day
  8. Joe Pesci
  9. Big (with Tom Hanks)
  10. Ethan
  11. The Thomas Crown Affair
  12. Old Sport
  13. Shakespeare in Love
  14. The Hateful Eight

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