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  1. In which 2016 film, does Denzil Washington play a 1950s Pittsburgh waste collector?
  2. Which actor did Charlie Chaplin's film classic The Kid make into one of the first child stars in history?
  3. Best Acting Oscars - how many has Kirk Douglas won, and how many has his son Michael Douglas won?

  4. Which film, set in the mid-22nd century, features humans colonizing a lush habitable moon called Pandora?
  5. Who played Demetrius in the 1954 Biblical drama film, Demetrius and the Gladiators?
  6. Which 2013 film tells the story of AIDS patient Ron Woodroof?
  7. Which actress was Mel Brookes married to, until her death in 2005?
  8. What is the full name of the character played by Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate?
  9. Which American crooner is known for playing the role of singer Johnny Fontane in The Godfather?
  10. Which actor played the title character in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film trilogy of 2002, 2004, and 2007?
  11. On accepting his Oscar, who said, "Wow! If I'd known that, I'd have put that patch on 35 years earlier."?
  12. Who played Julius Caesar in the 1963 American epic movie Cleopatra?
  13. Which fictional organisation stole two NATO atomic bombs in the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball?
  14. Which English actress starred in 1970's Airport, 1974's Murder on the Orient Express, and 1983's Class?
  15. Which actor plays Batman in 2008's The Dark Night and 2012's The Dark Knight Rises?
  16. What word was CB slang for highway patrol officers in a 1977 American action comedy film directed by former stuntman Hal Needham?
  17. Name the two gangs in the 1957 film West Side Story?
  18. Which 1946 American drama film, directed by William Wyler, is about three World War II American servicemen readjusting to civilian life?
  19. Who was best known for his portrayal of military men in films such as The Cruel Sea and Lawrence of Arabia?
  20. Which film trilogy, based on novels by Suzanne Collins, follows young characters Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark?
  21. What was the name of the geological formation where several schoolgirls and their teacher disappeared in a 1975 Australian mystery drama film directed by Peter Weir?


  1. Fences
  2. Jackie Coogan
  3. Kirk Douglas has won NO Best Acting Oscars, and his son Micheal has won ONE (for Wall Street)
  4. Avatar
  5. Victor Mature
  6. The Dallas Buyers Club
  7. Anne Bancroft
  8. Benjamin Braddock
  9. Al Martino (he also sang the Godfather's theme, 'Speak Softly Love')
  10. Tobey Maguire
  11. John Wayne (on winning the Academy Award for Best Actor in the film True Grit)
  12. Rex Harrison
  14. Jacqueline Bisset
  15. Christian Bale
  16. Smokey (the film was Smokey and the Bandit)
  17. The Jets and the Sharks
  18. The Best Years of Our Lives
  19. Jack Hawkins
  20. The Hunger Games
  21. Hanging Rock (the film was called Picnic at Hanging Rock)

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