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Finland has more forest than any other European country, however is nicknamed 'the land of the thousand lakes'. Fun fact - Finland is sauna mad! Estimates put the number of saunas at around two million, which is not bad for a population of 5.5 million.

10 Questions

  1. Name the capital city of Finland?
  2. Finland has two official languages, Finnish is one, what is the other?
  3. While most of the world calls Finland Finland, what do Finns call their country?

  4. What is the well known name of the largest and northernmost region of Finland?
  5. Which Finnish multinational electronics company started of as a paper mill in 1865?
  6. Which composer best-known for compositions such as Finlandia, is widely recognized as his country's greatest composer?
  7. The Winter War, which started in 1939 and lasted for three months, was a war between Finland and which country?
  8. Which city is the third largest city in Finland and also the largest inland centre in any of the Nordic countries?
  9. Which Finnish runner was called the "Flying Finn"? He dominated distance running in the early 20th century setting 22 official world records.
  10. Which hippo-like creatures were created by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson?


  1. Helsinki
  2. Swedish
  3. Suomi
  4. Lapland
  5. Nokia
  6. Jean Sibelius
  7. The Soviet Union (USSR), or Russia
  8. Tampere

  9. Paavo Nurmi
  10. Moomins

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