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Football Around the World

Test Your Knowledge on World Football

  1. The Galaxy are an American professional soccer club based in which city?
  2. Pele spent the majority of his career with which Brazilian club?
  3. In Turkish football who are the main rivals of Fenerbahce?
  4. Trevor Francis scored for Nottingham Forest to win the European cup Final against which club?

  5. The Vladimir Lenin Stadium was renamed The Tofiq Bahramov Stadium in 1993 in which city? Tofiq Bahramov was the linesman who helped award a controversial goal for England in the 1966 World Cup Final.
  6. Boca Juniors is a sports club headquartered in a neighbourhood of which city?
  7. Westfalenstadion stadium in Dortmund, Germany, has the largest terrace for standing spectators in European football. What colour 'wall' is its nickname?
  8. George Weah is a former professional footballer who became the president of which country?
  9. The New Saints are a professional football club playing in which country's Premier League?
  10. Which Mexican player reached the highest levels of world football in the 1980s and 1990s?
  11. Which country thrashed an England team led by Billy Wright and Tom Finney 7–1 in 1954?
  12. Total Football was made famous by which country's national team during the 1974 World Cup?
  13. Which club became the first Eastern European club to win the European Cup in 1986?
  14. Which player was prevented from joining US Dunkerque by his old club RC Liege in 1990?
  15. Who, before gaining success, was an interpreter for Sir Bobby Robson?
  16. Hector Chumpitaz was one of which country's best ever players?
  17. Which Asian country defeated Italy at the 1966 World Cup finals?
  18. Can you name the first African nation to participate in the FIFA World Cup? It was in 1934 and remained the only World Cup appearance by an African team until 1966.
  19. Until the 2008 season, what was the previous name of Japanese club "Nagoya Grampus"? (Hint: just add a number to the club's name)
  20. Due to sponsorship, FC Salzburg is known by what name?
  21. Where in Europe are Lincoln Red Imps Football Club record champions with 24 league titles?
  22. Which club is the most popular in Brazil, with over 40 million supporters?
  23. There are three MLS teams located in which country?
  24. Benfica's greatest ever player Eusebio was born in which modern-day country?
  25. Name the most successful ever club in Croatian football?
  26. The name of which English indie rock band was taken from a South African football club?
  27. What name links an insect to the oldest football team in Zurich?


  1. Los Angeles
  2. Santos (Santos Futebol Clube)
  3. Galatasaray
  4. Malmo
  5. Baku (Azerbaijan)
  6. Buenos Aires
  7. Yellow (it has the nickname, The Yellow Wall)
  8. Liberia
  9. Wales (Cymru Premier)
  10. Hugo Sanchez
  11. Hungary
  12. Netherlands, or Holland
  13. Steaua Bucharest
  14. Bosman (Jean-Marc Bosman) (resulting in the Bosman ruling)
  15. Jose Mourinho
  16. Peru's
  17. North Korea
  18. Egypt
  19. Eight (formerly called "Nagoya Grampus Eight")
  20. Red bull Salzburg
  21. Gibraltar
  22. Flamengo
  23. Canada (MLS is Major League Soccer and the highest level of professional soccer in the USA)
  24. Mozambique
  25. Dinamo Zagreb
  26. Kaizer Chiefs
  27. Grasshopper (Grasshopper Club Zurich)