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Quiz I - Football Legends

  1. Shortly after his departure from Manchester United, Eric Cantona became captain of which French national team?
  2. What club did Kevin Keegan play for on his return to English football from Hamburger SV?
  3. Which team did Jurgen Klinsmann play for in the Premiership?
  4. Which Italian international player, who also played for Middlesbrough, was affectionately known as the 'White Feather'?
  5. Which player won the 'Golden Foot' award in 2011, an international football award given to players who stand out for their athletic achievements and for their personality?
  6. Who was the Professional Footballers' Association Players' Player of the Year for the 2012-13 season?
  7. Which two English Premiership players have come second in the FIFA World Player of the Year awards?
  8. Who claimed in his 2006 autobiography to have only taken trials with Manchester United 'to pressure Liverpool into giving me a YTS contract'?
  9. Which Sheffield Wednesday player was FWA Footballer of the Year for 1992/93?
  10. Michael Owen was attached to which club when he scored for England in the 1998 World Cup in France?
  11. Who was affectionately nicknamed the 'Non-Flying Dutchman' by Arsenal supporters?
  12. What colour sweatshirt was Brian Clough most likely to wear on match days?


  1. French national beach football team
  2. Souhampton
  3. Tottenham Hotspur
  4. Fabrizio Ravanelli
  5. Ryan Giggs
  6. Gareth Bale
  7. David Beckham (1999 and 2001) and Frank Lampard (2005)
  8. Steven Gerrard
  9. Chris Waddle
  10. Liverpool
  11. Dennis Bergkamp
  12. Green

Quiz II - Popular Culture

  1. In the Mike Leigh play Abigail's Party, the character Tony mentions that he used to play professionally for which team?
  2. Elijah Wood plays a follower of which team in the 2005 film 'Green Street'?
  3. The book Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby is an autobiographical account of Hornby's life and relationship with which football club?
  4. What middle name was Rodney of 'Only Fools and Horses' fame given by his football supporting mother?
  5. In the sitcom Porridge, the character Lennie Godber is a supporter of which club?
  6. If Ipswich's Kevin Beattie stood in for Michael Caine in the football scenes, who did goalkeeper Paul Cooper stand in for?
  7. Which football club features in the film The 51st State (also known as Formula 51), in which ex-hitman Felix DeSouza (Robert Carlyle) is a keen supporter of the team?
  8. Terry McCann in 'Minder' and Wolfie Smith in 'Citizen Smith' supported which team?
  9. In the first series of 'Only Fools and Horses' which team's scarf could be seen on the coat rack?
  10. Which football team did Alf Garnett support?
  11. 'There's Only One Jimmy Grimble' was also a fictional film which focused on a young boy whose dream it was to play for which club?
  12. Which 2009 British biographical sports film, starring Michael Sheen, was about Brian Clough's ill-fated spell as the Leeds United football manager in 1974?


  1. Crystal Palace
  2. West Ham United
  3. Arsenal
  4. Charlton
  5. Aston Villa
  6. Sylvester Stallone (Escape to Victory)
  7. Liverpool
  8. Fulham
  9. Crystal Palace's
  10. West Ham United
  11. Manchester City
  12. The Damned United

Quiz III - Cities of Birth

In which cities were the following former players and managers born:

  1. Gary Lineker
  2. David Beckham
  3. Alan Shearer
  4. Brian Clough
  5. John Barnes
  6. Eric Cantona
  7. Roy Keane
  8. Wayne Rooney
  9. Michael Owen
  10. Arsene Wenger
  11. Owen Hargreaves
  12. George Best
  13. Gordon Banks
  14. David Seaman
  15. Matt Le Tissier


  1. Lecester
  2. London
  3. Newcastle
  4. Middlesbrough
  5. Kingston, Jamaica
  6. Marseilles, France
  7. Cork, Ireland
  8. Liverpool
  9. Chester
  10. Strasbourg. France
  11. Calgary, Canada
  12. Belfast
  13. Sheffield
  14. Rotherham
  15. Saint Peter Port, Guernsey