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Football Quiz

  1. Who once said: "I only meant to break one of his legs, not both"?
  2. It was one of the most iconic football images of all time. Which player's white England shirt was red with blood while playing in a 1989 World Cup qualifier in Sweden?
  3. Which player moved to Leeds in 1963 where he played in midfield alongside fellow hardman Billy Bremner?
  4. Which player said he never held a grudge against Brian Clough for punching him?
  5. Who did Bill Shankly once describe as not being born, but quarried?

  6. Which Italian footballer formed the final leg of Italy’s Bad-Badder-Baddest trio with Bergomi and Tardelli at the 1982 World Cup?
  7. Who was the first professional player in Britain to be jailed for an on-field incident?
  8. Which former Everton footballer is best known for being the player that Zinedine Zidane headbutted in the 2006 World Cup final?
  9. Who grabbed Paul Gascoigne by the testicles? And in which year did this happen?
  10. Who had the nickname "Bites Yer Legs"?
  11. Which then Southampton player became the first ever footballer to receive 14 yellow-cards in a Premier League season?
  12. Which player's last game was on 4 February 1995 when a tackle with Ryan Giggs snapped his knee ligaments?
  13. Graeme Souness planted the Galatasaray flag in the centre circle at which clubs's ground?
  14. What was the nickname given to Ron Harris in the 1960s and 1970s for his tough style of defending?
  15. Which player, considered by many to have been the hardest player to have played the game, was described by Martin Keown as “a lunatic”?
  16. Which player made a cameo appearance in the 2014 football violence film The Hooligan Factory and was nicknamed 'The Terminator'?
  17. Which player did Vinnie Jones once call his only real hard man rival? Both players clashed in the 1988 FA Cup Final.
  18. Which footballer spent 5 years training and working as an electrician whilst playing for non league Wealdstone?
  19. Alex Ferguson once felt that the failure to sign which hardman from Luton Town had cost Manchester United the league?
  20. Which player, a renowned brave and ferocious tackler, captained England for the first time on 17 November 1982?
  21. Which hard man finally hung up his boots at the ripe age of 41 after a second spell with Brighton ?
  22. In 1966 which player featured in an iconic photograph showing a shirt grabbing confrontation with Leeds United's Billy Bremner?


  1. Neil 'Razor' Ruddock (after breaking both of Andy Cole's legs in a reserve fixture in 1996)
  2. Terry Butcher's
  3. Johnny Giles
  4. Roy Keanne
  5. Tommy Smith
  6. Claudio Gentile
  7. Duncan Ferguson
  8. Marco Materazzi
  9. Vinnie Jones, 1988
  10. Norman Hunter
  11. Mark Hughes
  12. John Fashanu's
  13. Fenerbahce’s
  14. Chopper
  15. Billy Whitehurst
  16. Julian Dicks
  17. Steve McMahon

  18. Stuart Pearce
  19. Mick Harford
  20. Bryan Robson
  21. Jimmy Case
  22. Dave Mackay