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Footie Quiz

Test your football knowledge

  1. Erling Haaland was born in which European city?
  2. In which country did Diego Maradona score his infamous 'Hand of God' goal?
  3. How many times has Cristiano Ronaldo won the Champions League?
  4. Chris Waddle made over 100 appearances for which four clubs?

  5. Who in 2012 made a special appearance for Mid Wales Football League side Welshpool Town, after Jeff Stelling mocked the club following a 10–1 loss?
  6. By what name is Marcos Evangelista de Morais better known?
  7. Which former football manager moved to West Ham United at the age of 15 and played alongside Bobby Moore?
  8. Name the only club outside of England to win the FA Cup?
  9. Graeme Souness claimed in his autobiography that which manager was the only one ever to drop him?
  10. What is the name of the annual domestic cup and knockout competition of Italian football?
  11. We need two teams. Which clubs did Leicester beat 9–0 in the Premier League in 2019 and Manchester United 9–0 in 1995?
  12. Cristiano Ronaldo was born on which island?
  13. Which English footballer did Matt Le Tissier want to be as a kid?
  14. TalkSPORT's Simon Jordan once owned which club?
  15. Manchester City have won the top flight title three times in a row. Which club also did this in the 1920s?
  16. Italian footballer Roberto Baggio was nicknamed "the Divine" what?
  17. Who is the first non European to win the Ballon d Or?
  18. In the 1981 film Escape to Victory, many of the players came from which English club's squad?
  19. Which team put out a starting XI made up entirely of British players in a 2022 Premier League match?
  20. How many draws did Arsenal have in their unbeaten invincible season: (a) 2, (b) 6, or (c) 12?
  21. Spanish club Real Betis is based in which city?
  22. Who is the all time Bundesliga top goal scorer?
  23. In which year did Argentina win its first World Cup?
  24. Roy Hodgson helped which country qualify for a first major tournament in 26 years when they reached the 1994 World Cup?
  25. Who was the manager of Chelsea when the club won its first UEFA Champions League title in 2012?


  1. Leeds (his father Alfie Haaland was playing for Leeds United in the Premier League at the time)
  2. Mexico
  3. Ronaldo has won the tournament five times
  4. Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Marseille, and Sheffield Wednesday
  5. Chris Kamara
  6. Cafu
  7. Harry Redknapp
  8. Cardiff City
  9. Alex Ferguson (Souness was omitted by the caretaker manager for Scotland)
  10. Coppa Italia
  11. Southampton and Ipswich Town
  12. Madeira
  13. Glenn Hoddle
  14. Crystal Palace
  15. Huddersfield Town
  16. The Divine Ponytail
  17. George Weah
  18. Ipswich Town
  19. Nottingham Forest (against Tottenham. The team featured eight English players, two Welsh and one from Scotland)
  20. (c) 12
  21. Seville
  22. Gerd Muller
  23. 1978
  24. Switzerland
  25. Roberto Di Matteo