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Welcome to our Foreign Words and Phrases Quiz

Do you know the meaning of the listed foreign words and phrases?


  1. Carpe diem
  2. Zeitgeist
  3. Magnum opus
  4. Verboten

  5. Billet-doux
  6. In camera
  7. Dolce vita
  8. Entente cordiale
  9. Deo volente
  10. Caveat emptor


  1. Make the most of the present time (literally 'seize the day') (Latin)
  2. Spirit of the times (literally 'time spirit') (German)
  3. The most important work of a writer, artist, etc. (literally ‘great work’) (Latin)
  4. Forbidden (German)
  5. A love letter (literally 'sweet note') (French)
  6. In private (literally 'in the chamber') (Latin)
  7. Sweet life (Italian)
  8. A friendly understanding (between states) (French)

  9. God willing (Latin)
  10. Let the buyer beware (Latin)

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