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Foreign Words Quiz

Identify the loanword from the description. A loanword is a word adopted into the English langauge from a foreign language with little or no modification. An example is bazaar from the Persian word bazar, meaning 'market'.


  1. The good life (Italian)
  2. A priest, teacher, mentor or expert (Hindi)
  3. An anually published book of information (Arabic)
  4. A rich and powerful businessman (Japanese)
  5. Excited or enthusiastic about something (Chinese)
  6. A social blunder (French)

  7. An important person, especially in the media (Hindi)
  8. A school for the very young (German)
  9. A great yield of riches (Spanish)
  10. A human like machine (Czech)
  11. A duty levied on goods (Arabic)
  12. Dread and anxiety (German)
  13. Nothing (Arabic)
  14. A lookalike (German)
  15. An enthusiastic amateur (Spanish)
  16. A platform from which a candidate speaks prior to an election (Norwegian)
  17. Potential danger (Arabic)
  18. A form of art that is considered an inferior (German)
  19. Someone who can move and attack silently, without being seen (Japanese)
  20. Stolen goods or property (Hindi)
  21. A passionate desire to travel (German)


  1. Dolce vita
  2. Guru
  3. Almanac
  4. Tycoon
  5. Gung-ho
  6. Faux pas
  7. Mogul
  8. Kindergarten
  9. Bonanza
  10. Robot
  11. Tariff
  12. Angst
  13. Zero
  14. Doppelganger
  15. Aficionado
  16. Husting
  17. Hazard
  18. Kitsch
  19. Ninja
  20. Loot
  21. Wanderlust