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Friends Quiz (the sitcom)

Quiz Questions

  1. Can you name the West Village coffee house where the 'Friends' often meet?
  2. Lisa Kudrow plays the character Phoebe, do you know Phoebe's last name?
  3. What is the name of Ross's son?
  4. Jack and Judy Geller are Ross and Monica's parents, which famous actor plays Jack?

  5. The theme tune, "I'll Be There for You", is sung by which American duo?
  6. Who plays Monica's boyfriend Richard Burke, a recently divorced family friend who is 21 years her senior?
  7. What was the name of Ross's British wife?
  8. What's Rachel's last name?
  9. Joey's first major acting role is as Dr. Drake Ramoray, in which fictional soap?
  10. Can you remember the name of Phoebe's trademark favourite song?
  11. Can you remember the name of Ross's pet monkey?
  12. What is the name of the Paul Rudd character that Phoebe meets in season nine?
  13. What colour is Monica's door? The one with the yellow picture frame surrounding the peephole.
  14. Joey tried to do it but couldn't, however, Chandler did manage to pee over Monica - why?
  15. What is the name of the manager of the coffee house?
  16. Against university policy Ross dated student Elizabeth - who played Elizabeth's dissaproving father Paul?
  17. Name the well known British person that likes Joey's hat when he's sightseeing in London?
  18. 'Huggsy' is Joey's stuffed toy. What type of animal is 'Huggsy'?
  19. Janice had a relationship with which of the Friends character?
  20. What type of uniform does Joey wear to Monica and Chandler's wedding?
  21. Which of the Friends' characters has the middle name Muriel?
  22. What is the first name of Joey's long-term agent?
  23. Which of the Friends' cast directed 10 of the show's episodes?
  24. Who is Regina Phalange?
  25. In the final episode, Rachel is planning to move for a job offer in which city?


  1. Central Perk
  2. Buffay
  3. Ben
  4. Elliott Gould
  5. The Rembrandts
  6. Tom Selleck
  7. Emily - Emily Waltham
  8. Green
  9. Days of Our Lives
  10. Smelly Cat
  11. Marcel
  12. Mike - Mike Hannigan
  13. Purple
  14. Monica got stung by a jellyfish (and Joey had seen a documentary that suggested urine would ease the sting)
  15. Gunther
  16. Bruce Willis
  17. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
  18. Penguin
  19. Chandler
  20. WWI army uniform
  21. Chandler
  22. Estelle
  23. David Schwimmer

  24. It's Phoebe's alter-ego
  25. Paris