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Football Questions

  1. What colour sweatshirt was Brian Clough most likely to wear on match days?
  2. Can you name the three countries to have won the World Cup twice?
  3. Which former player when asked "what would you be if you weren't a footballer?" replied: "A virgin"?
  4. Which former Liverpool midfielder's nickname is Trigger, from the character in Only Fools and Horses?
  5. Which British player once said: "I couldn't settle in Italy; it was like living in a foreign country."?

  6. Who was the oldest player in England's Euro 2021 squad?
  7. How many clubs have never been relegated from the Premier League?
  8. Who made the "let's be 'avin you" speech?
  9. David Beckham own an American professional soccer club based in which city?
  10. Name the only professional football club in England to wear claret and amber?
  11. What did Ronaldo remove from in front of him at a 2021 World Cup interview?
  12. What sort of treatment was Sir Alex Ferguson said to famously give his players?
  13. Which mid sixties to seventies player was an iconic figure amongst West Brom fans, who nicknamed him 'The King'?
  14. Which landlocked country is the only one ever to have hosted a World Cup tournament?
  15. Every World Cup final between 1982 and 2014 had a player representing which football club?
  16. Name the four players who scored England’s 11 goals during the 1966 FIFA World Cup Finals tournament?
  17. Name the only goalkeeper to save a Matt Le Tissier penalty?
  18. What do Otman Bakkal, Branislav Ivanovic and Giorgio Chiellini all have in common?
  19. Who was the first player to win a Premiership winners medal whose father has also won the Premiership as manager?
  20. What animal was also the nickname of former goalkeeper Peter Bonetti?
  21. Ron Atkinson's last managerial job was with which club?
  22. Which former player and manager released a charity single which became England's officially sanctioned tournament song for Euro 2012? Also, in 2019 his debut album, Here's to Christmas, reached number 8 in the charts.
  23. Roy Keane was born in which Irish city?
  24. Elton John once owned which football club?
  25. Which footballer once played for Wales and Bayern Munich in the same day?


  1. Green
  2. Argentina, France and Uruguay
  3. Peter Crouch
  4. Jason McAteer
  5. Ian Rush
  6. Kyle Walker
  7. Six (Arsenal, Cheslea, Everton, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Manchester United)
  8. Delia Smith
  9. Miami
  10. Bradford City
  11. Two bottles of Coca-Cola
  12. The Hairdryer Treatment
  13. Jeff Astle
  14. Switzerland (1954)
  15. Bayern Munich
  16. Geoff Hurst (4), Roger Hunt (3), Bobby Charlton (3), and Martin Peters (1)
  17. Mark Crossley
  18. They all have been bitten by Luis Suarez
  19. Darren Ferguson
  20. The cat

  21. Nottingham Forest
  22. Chris Kamara
  23. Cork
  24. Watford
  25. Mark Hughes