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Quiz Questions

  1. Which British manufacturer of card and board games first published a British edition of Monopoly based on London streets?
  2. First published in 1985, which charade-inspired word-guessing game was invented by Robert Angel?
  3. The name of which strategy board game means "I play" in Latin?
  4. Released in 1931 "Bally Hoo" was a counter-top mechanical game with optional legs and the first coin-operated what?
  5. On 22 June 2017, name either of the two countries which became the 11th and 12th International Cricket Council members, enabling them to play Test cricket?

  6. A table football game usually contains how many rotating stainless steel rods?
  7. What is the lowest number, one dart cannot score in a game of darts?
  8. Mario first appeared as the player character in which 1981 arcade video game?
  9. FIDE is the governing body of what game?
  10. Which sport is also known as "the roaring game"?
  11. What card shedding-type card game was originally developed in 1971 by American Merle Robbins?
  12. Which character is the main protagonist of the video game franchise Tomb Raider?
  13. In the book Vanity Fair, Becky Sharp charms the Prince Regent with a game of what?
  14. How many gaming pieces make up a domino set?
  15. Which video game was created by Russian designer Alexey Pajitnov in 1985?
  16. Mahjong is played with a set of how many tiles?
  17. Which one player card game named after a region in Canada is the best known version of patience or solitaire?
  18. Which game similar to boules is played chiefly in the Provence region of France?
  19. How many possible opening moves are there in a game of draughts?
  20. Which game was created in December, 1979, by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott in Montreal?
  21. Yahtzee is played by rolling how many dice?
  22. What strategy board game is a well known variant of the game 'reversi'?
  23. What was the first attachment Nintendo revealed for the Wii Remote in 2005, at the Tokyo Game Show?
  24. Which strategy board game is played on a board depicting a political map of the world divided into 42 territories?
  25. A popular Sky television app game is called "Beehive" what?
  26. What name links a traditional English throwing game usually played in fairgrounds or pub gardens with Worzel Gummidge?
  27. How many players are in a netball team?
  28. How many rooms are there in the Cluedo mansion where the murder can take place?
  29. In a game of Scrabble, which tile scores the same points as the letter 'G'?
  30. Which card game comes from the Spanish word for "basket"?


  1. Waddingtons
  2. Pictionary
  3. Ludo
  4. Pinball game
  5. Afghanistan and/or Ireland
  6. Eight rods
  7. 23
  8. Donkey Kong
  9. Chess
  10. Curling
  11. Uno
  12. Lara Croft
  13. Charades
  14. 28 pieces (tiles)
  15. Tetris
  16. 144 tiles
  17. Klondike
  18. Petanque
  19. Seven
  20. Trivial Pursuit
  21. Five dice
  22. Othello
  23. The Nunchuk
  24. Risk
  25. Beehive Bedlam
  26. Aunt Sally
  27. Seven
  28. Nine
  29. Letter 'D'
  30. Canasta